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Carrier oils typically comprise of vegetable oils, seed oil etc. Apart from aromatherapy too, they have uses in diluting concentrated oil for instance. Carrier Oils contain a lot of fat. This is what gives them the power for diluting essential or concentrated oil. The name ‘Carrier Oils’ derives from the fact that they make essential oils proper enough to be applied on the body, that is they intermediately carry oil to the body.

From a simple shampoo, shower gel to a body lotion, almost all cosmetic products contain Carrier Oils. Different combinations of carrier and essential produce different final products.

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  1. Extraction: Essential Oils are extracted from leaves, barks etc. Carrier Oils are derived from fatty products.
  2. Evaporation: Essential Oils evaporate faster than Carrier Oils.
  3. Aroma induction: More aromas are induced by Essential oils.
  4. Rancidity: Carrier oils outwit Essential oils in rancidity.

But, Carrier Oils can be stored for long since they don’t oxidize. Oxidation loses the therapeutic advantages.

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Many factors go into selecting carrier oils. They range from your own skin to the color of the oil. Some of the factors are discussed below:-

  1. Avoid Old Stocks! Demand for the newest stock, as old ones can even harm your body.
  2. Look for processing method! Remember, always cold-pressed is the way to go. What it basically means is that there is no het involved anywhere during the extraction of the oil. If there is heat involved, then the nutritional power of your oil will be less.
  3. I need the nutrition! – One of the most important factors. Vitamin E gives antioxidant properties. Vitamin A is good for dry and aged skin. Omega nutrients reduce cholesterol. Minerals are soothing.
  4. What’s the cost? – Well this depends on your oil, if it’s hyper-functional and made from expensive sources, it shall be of a higher rate then. Generally Carrier oils are not that cheap.
  5. Organic – Organic is always pricey. But more healthy!
  6. Smells good! – Smell and identify the constituents. Since its nuts mainly, it’s easy to do so. But not always the reliable way, go the reading way!
  7. Viscosity –Oils containing fats has more viscosity. Amino acids and Sterols increase viscosity. Vitamins have medium.


Not all oils can be good. First and foremost identify your skin. If it’s dry skin, go for moisturizing oil. And it is highly recommended to avoid mineral oil. Minerals oils are derived from petroleum products. They can be toxic, make the skin lose its shine and breath, prevent sweating.

Check for Rancidity!

Due to presence of fats, carrier oils go rancid. One trick to identify if the shop is cheating you is the aroma. A bitter, strong, ugly aroma will confirm you that it has become rancid.


Examples and Properties of Carrier Oils

Almond Oils

  1. For Dry Skin, Itching, Hairfall, Inflammation
  2. Contains Vitamins E, A, B, Calcium, Proteins, Iron, Omega 3
  3. Properties: Moisturizing, Conditioning, Calms skin
  4. Derived from Almond Kernel
  5. Smells sweet and nutty
  6. Looks Golden yellow.

Grape Seed Oils

  1. For Oily skin, Sensitive skin, High heat cooking
  2. Contains Vitamin 6, Omega 6 and Omega 9
  3. Properties: Penetrating, Anti-fungal, Anti-oxidant, Anti-bacterial
  4. Derived from grape seeds
  5. Smells mild and sweet
  6. Looks Light Green

Evening Primrose Oil

  1. For Baby Skin, Dry Hair, Arthritis.
  2. Contains Vitamin E, Omega 3 and Omega 6
  3. Properties: Healing, Astringent and reduces inflammation
  4. Derived from Evening Primrose seeds
  5. Smells nutty
  6. Looks light yellow

Camelina Oil

  1. For Aged skin, Eye creams
  2. Contains Vitamin E, Plant Sterols
  3. Properties: Nourishing, Elasticity, Reduces ageing of skin
  4. Derived from Camelina flower seeds
  5. Smells mild, herbal
  6. Looks dark gold, olive

A massage with the carrier oil in a peaceful, quiet ambience around can be very refreshing to the mind as well as the body. It is often recommended to take advice of doctors before choosing these oils, as you can even develop an allergy to some constituents.

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