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The use of diffuser oils has been an ongoing tradition for therapeutic, spiritual, hygienic and ritualistic intentions since a long time back. A number of ancient wise civilizations including the Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans are known to have used diffusion oils in cosmetics, medicines, perfumes and more.

The healing properties of oils cannot be disregarded if their history is analysed. They were so popular and dependable in the first century when Dioscorides wrote about them in his De Materia Medica. After the invention of distillation in eleventh century, distilled essential oils have been utilized as medicines. This is how the concept of Aromatherapy cropped up. The aerial diffusion technique of application is most widely for environmental disinfection and fragmenting while direct inhalation is included in some sever therapeutic undertakings.

Why should YOU use diffuser oils?

  • Relaxation and sound sleep at night
  • Wards off illness. As most essential oils are antimicrobial, they prevent the airborne pathogens from invading your body. in addition to this, they also boost your immune system.
  • Elevates mood and helps breathe easy
  • Better alternative to candles as they reduce the risks of burns, wax spills, etc.
  • Pain Relief. It is an effective relief to pains like headaches, muscle sprains and sore bones.
  • Mood elevator. Keep it anywhere in your house or office to uplift the mood and create positive environment for a meeting or gathering.
  • Insect repellent


There are many types of oil with different fragrances and characteristics which will blend you into their sphere of influence and heal you in their separate respective fashion. So what if you can’t go to the spa parlour? You can have daily spas right inside your house with your family and friends. And at very affordable prices too! Here is a list of oils available to you.

  • OmVed:

A variety of products from OmVed is available:

    • Shantam PeaceDiffuser Oil
    • Tej Powder Diffuser Oil
    • Ekagra Concentration Diffuser Oil
    • Kama Love Diffuser Oil
    • Dhyan Meditation Diffuser Oil
    • Sushwasa Pure Breathe Diffuser Oil
    • Nidra Sound Sleep Diffuser Oil
    • OmVed Aromatherapy Essential Health Set


This pack is an exclusive selection of Omved’s best. Carefully formulated through extensive research and development, this Aromatherapy Essential Oils contains four blends of diffuser oil:

  • Shantam Peace: It relieves your everyday stress
  • Sushwawa Breathe Easy: It’s a decongesting blend which helps you breathe better
  • Tei Power: Its help revitalize your chi
  • Nidra Sound Sleep: It’s a sedating blend that helps sleep sound


  • Soil Aroma Oil:

Used in Hotels, Office and homes for therapeutic purpose these oils are put in aroma lamps.

    • They come in a bouquet of carnations in bottles of 10 ml each:Ocean Fresh, Jasmine, Tuberose, Lavender, Rose, Lily, Vanilla, Green Apple, Eucalyptus, Mandarin, Citronella
    • In addition to making the environment fresh smelling, it increased the productivity of the workplace by brightening your mood and relaxing the mind.


  • Soil Reed Diffuser Oil Refill:
    • For each of above-mentioned flavours, Soil Reed Refill is available in bottles of 50ml each.

  • Aromafume:

    • Aromafume offers the best quality of diffuser oils.
    • These are beautifully name kinds of Musk Madness, Fresh Spring, Magic Lavender, Pink Rose, and Orchid Karma available in bottles of 15ml each.


  • Nyassa:

There are various fragrance products of Nyassa to choose from. Some are:

    • Like a Leafy Trail in a Rain Drenched Forest
    • Like an Ocean Breeze On a Warm Summer Day
    • Like Sacred Sandalwood Fragrance
    • Like Melange of Wild Flower in Rain Forest
    • Like Temple Morga
    • Like a Rolling Mist Over a Rolling Meadow
Buying these products will prove to be the best deal you’ve ever made. Try them out and see the difference in your living atmosphere yourself! Personal Paradise for everybody, now available in your home!!


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