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I usually relate fragrance to places. Like my grandparents are very religious people, so every time I smell the burning of incense, I remember my grandparents’ home. Fragrances awaken our memories and make us nostalgic. In winters, we keep our doors and windows closed and hence the odor produced (good or bad), lingers on in the house for a longer period, unlike in other seasons when it has an option to get out quickly. This is why I think fragrances have a great correlation with Christmas. While mostly, the closed doors and windows produce an odor which is a huge turn-off, thus ruining the Christmas celebration, taking it as an opportunity and using fragrant oils and oil diffusers will turn the table and steal the show.




1. Pine 

If you ask me what Christmas smells like, I would instantly say, freshly baked cookies and raisin cake, but well, that’s just me, because I am a foodie, I relate everything with food, otherwise, Christmas smells like, warm burning woods in the fireplace, like a cool breeze, like pine trees. Pine trees! These are the evergreen trees that often double for a Christmas tree. Don’t we all just love these huge evergreen trees, lit up with lights, decorated with ornaments and frills. Just to add to the celebration and surprise your family, use the pine fragrance in your oil diffuser, this year. This will ensure, that your Christmas tree not only looks good this year, it also smells good.




2. Morning Dew 

One of my favorite bands made a song on Christmas a couple years back, a line in which really struck the chord, ‘if you’re still waiting for the snow to fall, doesn’t even feel like Christmas at all…’ what a beautiful selection of words! Trust me, the first thing I want to do on a Christmas morning is to see the snowfall and smell the morning freshness. I always thought how amazing it would be if I could bring the fragrance of the dew inside the house, without having to open the doors or windows (well, no one will really like to leave the door open on a very cold winter morning) and then somebody told me about morning dew fragrance. Adding it to a diffuser set, brings the fragrance of freshly mowed lawn inside your house (without opening the doors and windows). It’s best to curl up next to the fireplace with a good book to read along with a cup of steaming hot coffee, a large piece of raisin cake.




3. Rain Forest 

If you are a nature lover but want to go a little off beat, the rain forest fragrance is perfect for you. This scent is a blend of many forest flowers like various lavenders and some other flowers. It gives a merry burst various flowers, which impregnates a great scent in your house. The flowery smell will uplift your mood and will be perfect for the celebratory mood of the season.


 4. Cedar Wood

 Just like I said, the fragrance of wood also reminds me of Christmas, and since we are talking about Christmas, let’s talk about an unusual but interesting fragrance, the scent of wood. No, I am not talking about sandalwood, nor am I talking about cinnamon, I am talking about cedar wood. Cedar wood oil is extracted from the foliage, woods and roots of various types of conifers, mostly from pine and cypress plant families. This is why I think it would be safe to say that these trees are distantly related or maybe are even cousins of pine trees. Since we know that Christmas is a family holiday, let’s invite the Christmas tree’s cousin to the celebration as well. Jokes apart, the cedar wood oil has a very distinct and amazing scent. Using it, will add a new dimension to your Christmas celebration.


5. Lily And Jasmine 

When it comes to celebrations, who doesn’t like flowers? Trust me, if you are a beginner with perfumes or Christmas parties and are willing to impress your guests but don’t want to overdo it, the floral fragrance of lily and jasmine is what you are looking for. Without any dilemma, use this fresher to give your home the perfect holiday season fragrance.




Just remember, that Christmas is not just another holiday or party, it’s an opportunity to make wonderful memories with your family and friend, and fragrance helps you a lot to create and preserve memories.





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