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Why is it required to add pure essential oil in carrier oil?

It is true that there are many properties of essential oils which are extremely advantageous. But they are inaccessible for tropical use when exploited alone. Either it is the question of volatility of the essential oils which makes it difficult to harness their power, or it is their concentration. A single undiluted essential oil is very likely to react on your skin, thereby causing irritation and inflammations. They can also introduce toxicity into your body. 

Pure essential oils are volatile liquids which cannot be stored singly for a very long time. Adding these with carrier oils which have relatively bigger compounds and are less volatile keeps the essential oil gathered for use even after months.

Here are 6 awesome tips for you to combine pure essential oils with a carrier oils to heighten their power.

  1. Relaxations and luxury

Massage oils can play a tricky role in your daily life by producing dramatic outcomes. The effect is almost instantaneous. You will see it as soon as the massage session starts. Here is your guide for mixing pure essential oil with carrier oil to get the desired effect from your massage.

  • Muscle Relaxing Massage
    • Essential oils like lavender oil, black pepper oil and pine oil can be used.
    • Take almond or apricot oil as carrier.
    • Blend the selected oils together in a proportion of 3 drops of essential oil in a 20 ml carrier.
    • Warm slightly before use.
  • Soul Uplifting Massage
    • Basil oil, spearmint oil, rosemary, eucalyptus or bergamot oil can be taken as essential oil.
    • Use either eucalyptus or rosehip carrier oil to go with.
    • Blend and mix properly.
    • Massage the cool oil on your skin with slow circular strokes starting from feet to your shoulders.

  1. Facial Skin Care
  • Moisturizer action: Mix 2-3 drops of frankincense or carrot seed oil with one tablespoon rosehip carrier oil. Apply after shower to get young and evergreen, soft skin.
  • Treat sunburn: 3 drops of tea tree oil in a tablespoon of coconut carrier oil gives instant relief to burnt skin on a hot sunny day.
  • Adios acne: Patchouli or ylang-ylang essential oil mixed with 2-3 drops in a teaspoon of coconut oil not only controls oil in your face but also improves skin elasticity and gives you an ageless look.
  1. First Aid

Tea tree oil heals cuts fast. Lavender, rosemary and myrrh have antibacterial as well as healing properties. It’s the best for growing kids. Keep these blended and handy in your first aid kit.

  1. Treating chronic diseases

Marjoram and eucalyptus are considered excellent essential oils to treat joint pains and arthritis. Mix 10-12 drops in 60ml castor carrier oil. Massage for an hour on sour joints and affected areas.

Cinnamon essential oil with olive carrier oil for massage treats insomnia, memory loss and removes nervous tension

  1. Perfume

Use a blend of your favourite essential oils (everybody loves lavender!) and add in jojoba carrier oil. Dab on wrists, behind ears and between fingers on your feet for perfumed effect. Stay fresh and smell good at all times.

  1. Hair care

Make your own hair care product by mixing any among Vetiver, chamomile and rosemary essential oils in sandalwood, lavender or Rose carrier oils and apply on hair and scalp twice a week.

Not only do they offer dandruff treatment but you can visualise the speedy hair growth and soothed scalp.

The synergies created by the blend of essential oil is emphasised more when used with carrier oils . Finding the perfect combination is risky without help. You here have your all time guide of super tricks for tropic application of essential oils.  Prepare, employ and enjoy!


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