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Nothing soothes tense muscles like a massage in the best oils. Vintage massage oils are used since time immemorial to relax your body. The aroma of these oils are said to calm the mind and help unwind you after a long day at work. Here are some vintage aroma oils that are perfect as massage oils.


The benefits of lavender oil have been spoken about at length in the last few decades. Lavender oil is used in so many forms, the most common being aromatherapy oils, soaps and infusions. The flowers of the lavender plant are said to be extremely aromatic and the oil is extracted from the flowers by the steam distillation process. The most important health benefits of this oil are to relieve the body off any nervous tension by improving blood circulation and reduce any bodily pain and the ache of sore muscles. Due to its extremely viscous nature and moisturizing properties, it makes excellent massage oil as well.  Patients with insomnia are recommended to use lavender oil as it is said to have a relaxing effect, thus helping with any sleep issues. Lavender oil curbs acne to a great extent due to its ability of preventing bacterial infections and regulation of sebum secretion by the skin. All in all, the vintage aromatic lavender oil is one of the best oils in town.


Peppermint oil is known for its strong menthol aroma which has an extremely soothing effect. It not only gives a peace of mind to those who use it, but also tackles a variety of problems such as headaches, congestion and soothes aching muscles. It is usually diluted with lighter oil and applied on the body. The strong aroma of the oil helps unclog sinuses and soothes a prickly throat. The peppermint oil thus is also commonly used in massages to untangle knotted muscles and relax joints. Another important benefit of the peppermint oil is that it has excellent antiseptic properties and can hence be combined with shampoos to prevent dandruff.


Tea tree oil is said to be an excellent alternative medicine. The medical properties of this oil have been known to man since a long time now and they are numerous. It has strong astringent properties that make it extremely suitable to combat oily secretions of the skin. Because of this property, it helps to prevent acne outbursts. It is also extremely aromatic and is used as massage oil in many instances. It can also be added to bath water in order to treat respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchial congestion. It is also used as an antiseptic for any cuts, burns, stings or boils. Thus, it is pretty much an all purpose oil. It can also be used as homemade toothpaste as it is said to cure bad breath.


Chamomile oil is one of the most beneficial vintage aromatic oils. It has a wide range of properties such as antiseptic, antibiotic, sedative, digestive and anti inflammatory. One very interesting property of chamomile oil is that it induces perspiration which helps remove toxins and infection causing agents from the body. For this purpose, chamomile oil is commonly used in massages. The aroma of chamomile oil is said to act as an anti depressant and soothes your nerves. It also eliminates any feelings of disappointment and sadness. The oil also improves blood circulation and thus helps with ailments such as arthritis. Chamomile oil also acts as a toner to tone muscles and skin.


Almond oil is one of the oldest aromatherapy oils that have been used in massages and for a variety of purposes. The most important heath benefits of almond oil include the improving of skin complexion, reducing skin inflammation and curing dry and itchy skin to a great extent. When used on dry chapped lips, it eliminates dryness making it soft and supple. It is also said to reduce dark circles and prevents ageing to a great extent. Almond oil when used with natural bleach such as lime or honey can remove tanning of the skin.

Aromatherapy is one of the best ways to unwind after a long day. Choosing pure, organic aromatherapy oils will ensure that your mind and body get the best out of the deal.


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