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Insect kingdom has invaded! Banish all the conspirators present in your own home!

The kitchen is usually the first place to get affected. Slowly it spreads around the house. The surrounding environment then becomes very unhealthy to live in. Here stand the culprits!

  1. Damp conditions attract insects the most. They can be anything from a worm to a spider. These damp conditions are usually seen in the kitchen in the form of stagnant water.
  2. Dirty conditions: Unclean walls and floor also serves as a platter for organic feeding insects. Dirty conditions may be caused by humans or any other external source.
  3. Clutter: The best hiding place for an insect. Centipedes and other creepy crawlies fell warm among them. Search through them and you will get a horror!

So this were the mother sources. Now that the culprit objects are finally caught, lets study them over and into!

  1. Ants : They are those common tiny slender red organisms who like playing team games a lot. They have no specific place to hide. Ants are here to feed on your favourite sweets. For their residence, please knock the soils or peek through gapings.
  2. Bugs: One of the lead attackers. It’s easy to identify their multiple legs and colourful body. Well they love cozy spots like your own bed. Blood is what they relish. Beware!
  3. Bees or Wasps: Stay calm and hear that irritating flutter and buzz. They are here. While their hobby is roaming around the house, they also prefer to anger people with their noise. Collect garbage and grow some flowers, you are welcoming them.
  4. Flies: Slap! And the fly dies. But the person whom you slapped is not happy! Well it was forced. The long legged creatures exist everywhere and somehow always around people. While they love all the dirty items, it is necessary to keep them off hygienic places too. Their bite opens the doors to many death causing diseases.


Its time for execution! But here is why a leaf should be preferred over poison:

  1. Poison in the form of chemicals can get inside to the lungs and infect it.
  2. They can settle on the food, and intake could cause stomach related problems.
  3. The aerosols can be environmentally hazardous.


Yes! With a whole heart, use the power and bless of the heavens and mercilessly execute!

  1. Lemon oil with Eucalyptus: Sometimes they can be stronger than the chemicals to repel mosquitoes. Also their effect works on mites and leeches.

  1. Garlic: Garlic a day keeps mosquitoes away. Even the smell or any secretion of you will be evaded by the mosquitoes hereafter.
  2. Vanilla Extract: You are allowed to mix lavender extract too. Apply then on the skin and demagnetize all those dirty pests.
  3. Cinnamon:It’s for the bugs. Sprinkle these tiny things around the home and do not forget to even spray on their homes. Enough now!

  1. Herbs: Plant herbs like Citronella, bay leaves and mint in your house and their power will demolish all bugs around. Hail Green Army!

  1. Learn to use unscented products. There won’t then be anything to which the bees and bugs get attracted to.
  2. Soybean oil: They are so powerful more than any other organic repellent. Just a drop of them can keep insects away for hours together!

Remember, its not only the eatables which can shoo them off. Here are some of other clever methods:

  1. They say in times of stress, just relax. When adrenaline rushed out and feel good hormones reduces, a chemical balance in the body attracts bugs. They just add to it.

  1. Wear light colours! Again some insects like flies and other pests have a particular liking towards some dark colours.

So now you are qualified a warrior! Justice has prevailed. Pests are rollercoaster ride most of the time. All the tensions, chases, shouts and finally the victory kill. Just one simple rule: Keep clean and be free. Feel the fun to be clean. Routines of dusting, washing will help. Organize cleaning days, compete with neighbours and give points. Killing pests then becomes a hobby!


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