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Of course, everyone would love a stylishly placed, artfully decorated place to come home to. Beautiful wind chimes that could calm your mind with their melodies and fresh smelling candles that could make you feel relaxed and alert and what not; the thought alone is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. For a proper home décor that is elegant and shows that you care about a healthy home, proper planning is essential.For a majority of homeowners, it is an important driving force to improve the look and feel of their space and it is totally understandable, given the cliché “A man’s home is his castle”.

Transformations: Where to Start?

Before dreaming big on how to make your space look sleek and inviting, it is important to know about a “healthy home”. Everything, from the simple things you use daily (like your bed) or things thrown in for the ambience, should not contain harmful substances. For example, the woodwork and paints might have toxic chemicals that might induce allergies or at times, even lead to cancer. A healthy home is the best foundation for a good living and taking a few easy steps might provide fruitful results.

  • Candles- Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that air pollution is two to five times greater indoors, due to enclosed spaces, than outdoors. A lot of our household products can emit VOC gases that can be extremely harmful, like formaldehyde which is carcinogenic and can also cause respiratory distress. Being choosy with your home décor can work wonders over a long term. Organic Candles have an amazing effect in changing the atmosphere.

  • Beeswax Candles are cent-percent natural and can help out with asthma and other allergens. Even though pure beeswax doesn’t have any fragrance, it doesn’t release soot or toluene like paraffin candles. It has the capacity to ionize the air and neutralize the toxic compounds.
  • Citronella is a natural insect repellant and people are well aware that insect borne diseases are a major threat. It also has a fruity scent that can lift your mood in a jiffy.
  • Sandalwood has a soothing and stimulating aroma and is widely used in natural candles. It promotes mental clarity and improves concentration.
  • Lavender is also a great insect repellant and its fragrance is said to have amazing effects on anxiety disorders. Its fresh, floral fragrance is also very uplifting and will make you truly feel at home.
  • Lemon has natural bactericidal and antifungal properties and these candles make sure you feel that. It has an uplifting aroma that fetches nostalgic memories from your distant past.

Other quick hacks to make your space bright-

  • Increased ventilation, especially in the kitchen ensures that the harmful gases are pushed out and air is properly circulated.
  • Using Essential Oils keeps the atmosphere germ free and the air pure.
  • Specific House Plants like Areca Palm and Common Ivy can remove toxins and purify the air effectively.
  • Wind Chimes- The soothing, melodic sound of these chimes simply brings freedom to your mind and brings you down to earth. Sound has been used since ages unknown to clear off negative energies and create a harmony in the environment. After exhaustive research, these wind chimes are properly aligned with the earth’s natural flow of energy.

  • Wall Hangers-Using recycled glass beads for colour therapy, these wall hangings are said to have an auspicious sign. Apart from this, they are handcrafted with exquisite care to make them look attractive and revive your private space’s atmosphere.

Home designing can be really frustrating, but is very simple with a proper plan to help you out. “Healthy Home” is not complete without natural home décor and makes your home look inviting as well, to go along with your taste.


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