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One of the most blissful experience in life is to own a pet. Pets are lifelong commitments. An animal which lives with you and plays with you is an eternal source of happiness. But owning a pet is not just about playing with it or giving it shelter and food. It is much more than that. Ensuring your pet’s good health and safety is the best thing that you can do for your pet. Pet safety requires utmost concentration towards your pet.

Just like a child, your pet depends on you for everything-food, shelter and care. For the innumerable benefits that pets bring to our lives, what we can do on our part is to educate ourselves how to keep them safer and healthier without using chemical substances. So, here are some ways to keep your dog safe and healthy in a natural way:-

  • To stop your dog from chewing a particular object, be it furniture, or a rubber object. Tec. You can just spray a mixture on the object. To prepare the mixture, Mix equal proportions of white Vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and water in a spray bottle and then shake well. Now, spray the solution on whatever object your dog likes to chew.
  • To give a fragrance to your dog and kill fleas on it without using harmful chemicals, give your dog a bath in the water with soap. Work the lather formed by the soap into your pet's coat and let it soak for more than 10 minutes. The soap kills the fleas and gives a soothing fragrance to the dog. This soap works more effectively than some flea shampoos.

  • If your pet spends more time outside, then to prevent sunburn on its ears, nose and other vulnerable areas, apply a light coat of sunscreen. In order to distract it from licking off the lotion on its body, feed your pet immediately after applying the sunscreen.Also, make sure the sunscreen you use on your pet does not contain any traces of zinc, or zinc oxide, which can be dangerous when licked.

  • To keep your dog off any area of the carpet or floor where it had earlier left a mess, cover the spot with the plastic by cutting off the trash bag. Dogs have a deep repugnance for the feeling of plastic and will stay away.
  • Too much water in your pet’s ears can lead to painful earaches, so before giving him a bath, place a cotton ball soaked with baby oil in each of your pet's ears to keep out water and to prevent ear infections. Remember to remove the cotton balls after the bath.

  • Grind six Bayer Aspirin into a fine powder, pour the powdered aspirin into a bottle of baby shampoo, and shake well. Apply this mixture on your pet. And let sit for 5-7 minutes to allow your pet's dead skin cells be exfoliated from the skin because of salicylic acid in the aspirin. After this, Rinse clean with water.

  • To prevent remains of moist pet food from sticking to the bottom of your dog's food bowl, pour some vegetable oil filling the bowl with pet food. The vegetable oil will prevent the food from adhering to the bowl—and the oil gives your pet's coat a nice shine.

This oil can also be used to remove the bubble gum stuck to your pet’s fur. Just saturate the gum with oil, soften it by rubbing you fingers against it, and then shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

  • Nobody likes to live in a dirty place, be it pets only. So, to keep the places where your pet reside is also very important for your pet’s safety and health. Herbal spray can be used to serve the purpose as it  keeps away ticks, flea, lice and mites at those places

If you follow the above mentioned tips and techniques, then you can be pretty sure about your dog’s health and safety.


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