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Green your Laundry

The lifecycle of our clothes depends on the washing, rinsing and drying which are undertaken during the cleaning process. Just like we take not to use harsh chemical products on our skin, it is equally essential that we do not expose our second skin – our clothes, to detergents which are heavily laden with chemicals.

Synthetic washing materials that are available in the market contain optical brighteners, parabens, phosphates, chlorine, sulfates and petrochemicals. These chemicals emit fumes which you inhale continuously throughout the day which will ultimately affect your health.

Tips for Green Laundry

By using natural products, you save yourself as well as your family members from inhaling these toxic fumes. Natural products that can be used as cleaning agents include pure essential oils, vegetable glycerin, sodium bicarbonate, coconut oil and sodium borate amongst many others available naturally.

  1. Know What to Avoid

To know what products are harmful for your health you need to read the labels carefully.

  • Ammonia is toxic when inhaled or even touched.
  • Avoid antibacterials and disinfectants like bleach or Triclosan.
  • Butyl and Ethylene Glycol and Monobutyl are harmful for the liver, kidney and the nervous system.
  • Chlorine bleach is corrosive and an irritant to the eyes.
  • Petroleum solvents, like surfactants are to be avoided.
  • Phosphates affect the eco system and are harmful for aquatic life.
  • Fragrances are not desirable as they cause hormonal imbalance.

So next time you go for your laundry detergents, you know what to watch out for.

  1. Use green detergents

While shopping for eco-friendly detergents, look for products which are bio-degradable and also phosphate-free, as phosphates that are used in conventional detergents cause algal blooms. Go for detergents which have been made from plant or vegetable-based products. Other than being soft on the skin, they are also eco-friendly. So choose these products which are just right for your laundry room.

  1. Make your own Detergent

You can make your own detergent at home. This quick and easy method needs only three home ingredients. Grate a bar of soap, preferably a coconut-based soap but you will also get soaps which are also available in several natural scents like tea tree, lavender, almond or peppermint. Mix the grated soap with borax, washing soda and lemon essential oil to remove stains and de-grease. Add vinegar to help excess detergents off the clothes. You can also add baking soda if you so desire. Store it and use whenever you are in the laundry room.

  1. Make your own Fabric Softener

Leave out the liquid softener that you have brought at the store and use your own organic softener to keep your clothes soft. Add 20 – 30 drops of any essential oil of your liking to one gallon of white vinegar. Whenever required add 1/3rd cup of this home-made mixture during the rinse cycle. You can also use soap-nuts instead of fabric softeners.

  1. Add fragrance the green-way

Instead of exposing the clothes to chemically induced fragrances, use organic methods to make your clothes aromatic. Make a sachet containing flowers, like lavender or peppermint and dried herbs and chuck it in the dryer every time you are washing your clothes.

The use of chemical-based products and their harmful effects on the human body as well as on the environment are reasons enough for you to look for alternative products and go green instead. Choose the right products for your laundry room as these natural detergents are mild on the fabrics and good for the health of you and those around you.


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