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For your house to be a home, it has to have personality. It has to look and feel like the place you can’t wait to get back to after a hard day of work. Adding personality to your home to make it look bright and cheerful is easier when you are armed with a whole variety of home décor to help you on your way. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • White is not a neutral color

The color white helps to brighten up a dull room as it reflects light. Painting an otherwise dark area of your home in white can help to give the illusion of a bright expanse of space without giving additional lighting effects from lamps or candles. While walls also have a calming effect on those who view it in addition to giving off an impression of luxury when used with a dark colored trim.

  • Use the other colors too

Always choose to mix colors rather than match them and add a splash of color where you think your room is too neutral. Colorful pillows and accessories can brighten up a room just as much as a paint job can. When using paint to brighten up your home, remember to use an equal or proportionate amount of cold colors and warm colors to give a cheery feeling to your home. Using too many cold colors can make your home seem dark and gloomy.

  • Cleanliness is key

A clean and tidy home feels infinitely brighter than one that is cluttered. Make sure that everything has been put away to their respective places and that cupboard doors shut firmly. Wash your windows and throw them open every morning to allow plenty of natural light to flood your hallways. Don’t have anything but furniture lying on your floors and make sure to put away things after use.

  • Fresh flowers are your best friends

Start growing a cutting garden if you have the space for it or try out various balcony flower garden ideas to make sure that you always have fresh flowers to adorn your rooms and halls without spending too much on them. Fresh flowers add a beautiful splash of color, especially in beautiful vases. Remember to throw them out once they start wilting because having dying flowers lying about won’t make your house seem cheerful at all.

  • Play some music

Play some instrumental music in the house to add on to the mood. During festival seasons switch to corresponding types of music, try playing Christmas carols in your home this winter and feel the festive season brighten up your home in no time at all. Having soft music playing in the background can add to the effect of stimulating all the senses resulting in having a happy and cheerful home.

  • Utilize the power of smell

One of the most powerful senses, the sense of smell is one that can greatly affect the way we think and act and that is why aromatherapy is so popular. The power of smell can be utilized in many ways, one of which is to have pleasant smells wafting through the air in your room such as those of baking cookies or treats. You can also use essential oil diffusers to help bring in a whole new ambiance into your home.

  • Make sure your snack trays are full

A healthy home is a happy home so make sure that your snack jars and bowls are always filled to the brim with healthy snacks that your family loves. Make sure that the cookie tins are full and the bowls are filled with washed fresh fruit. Not only does it encourage your family to eat healthy, these elements also give your home the impression of being a happy place to be. A bowl of fruit can also be a wonderful décor element!

  • It all comes down to attitude

At the end of it all, it is your attitude and positivity that will make your home a bright and cheerful place to be. Make sure that your family spends enough time together doing relaxing activities and that there is always the feeling of love in the air. Remind your loved ones that you care by being positive and encouraging at all times.

Having a bright and cheerful home is not a dream that is unattainable, not with these tips on home décor that will transform your home into a haven for your loved ones. Try out these tips today and feel the difference.


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