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Using aromatherapy candles has become the latest trend. It is not only a trendy thing to do but, also has many health benefits attached to it. They provide an olfactory benefit of traditional scented candles, designed for maximum scent and minimum odors from the burning of wax, paraffin, and other chemicals.

It is important that you take note of the kind of wax used in the candle you purchase. Rationally one would want the most natural wax, with cleanest burning benefits and the one that adds to the scent and does not leave any odor behind.

The various kinds of candle wax are:

  • Soy Wax: It is hydrogenated soybean oil. These are biodegradable. It is the cheapest wax after paraffin. They have no artificial or burning scents; hence they don’t interfere with the aroma of the candles.These could also be perfectly used as gifts on occasions.

  • Palm Wax: Made out of palm trees, it has same benefits as any other vegetable wax. It is harder than the soy wax therefore, is not easily manipulated.
  • Bayberry Wax: They are used generally during Christmas and new years. It said that these candles help in drawing money and prosperity. They give the natural bayberry scent.
  • Beeswax: To some it may remind you of the 18th century or the early 19th century when having beeswax candle was a privilege only nobility could afford. It is still the most expensive candle wax there is. It is added to plant wax as a hardener. These burns for long hours i.e. long lasting. Due to them being harder in nature they are used for molded candles. They are known as a natural ionizer for their ability to purify, cleanse and improve air quality. They also burn longer.

  • Paraffin: these are the cheapest form of wax that is available out there. This one is made out of petroleum. They are easy to dye moreover scented oils mix better with these. Though they don’t give the aromatherapy full benefit, hence should be avoided.

Popular types of Aromatherapy Candles and their uses:

  • Vanilla, Rose, Orange : these are used improving/increasing the energy After a long tiring day when we reach home, most of us find ourselves lacking energy to indulge in familial activities. These candles might do the trick the next time you come home from a tiring day at job.
  • Lavender: they are the most sought after aromatherapy candles out there. This is mostly popular for helping one relax. The sweet lavender scent when attacks your oil factory glands, the only thing it leaves behind is your nerves relaxed. It is popular among massage therapists and yoga enthusiasts, professionals for relaxation and medications. It also assists those suffering for restless and sleepless nights. It aids with sleep.
  • Sage or Sweet Orange: the sweet natural scent of sage helps in improving focus. Students facing trouble in focusing on textbooks for long hours should make use of sage candles. Dear students, they will help you escape the lala land that you so often tend to visit while studying. These candles are great for studying, inner reflections and deep thoughts. It clears mind and helps you in concentrating on one thing without taxing your head.
  • Eucalyptus: it is used as a decongestant. Its fragrance is believed to be energizing. It is said to help with headache, nausea or fatigue.
  • Sandalwood: Candles with this oil act as a sedative and aphrodisiac. The next time you are in a romantic mood, sandalwood candles might help you to set just the perfect tone to the dusky ambiance.

Setting the scent aside, the perfect or rather an ideal aromatherapy candle would be one made of soy-vegetable candle wax with a cotton wick, without any metal or paper core and essential oils should be used to provide scents to the candles. If not candles then incense sticks can come to your rescue as well.

The next time when you have guests or neighbors’ paying you calls, don’t you forget to light your aromatherapy candles . The trick is to use the right candle for the right mood at the right time!! You might as well gift them some of such candles the next time you go visit them. You could rest assured that they would be delighted and will have a few good words to say to you.


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