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Our homes are a reflection of our personalities and we all want homes that look beautiful and have a unique ambience. Sometimes what stands between the home of our dreams and the house we live in right now is a big pile of cash. Without making an investment in home refurbishment you will not be able to attain your dream of having a beautiful home, or so it seems.

Don’t buy into that myth! Anyone can have a beautiful home by following a few simple tips and tricks to make the most of your money and investment and get the best for your home in the process. Here’s how you can make that dream home, your home with a few clever tricks and aromatherapy:

  • A Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint is the easiest and least expensive way to give your home a whole new look. Having creamy white walls gives off an impression of luxury along with dark brown or black interior windows and doors. Make sure that you can complement the black further with the furniture or interior décor.

  • Do It All Yourself

Relatively simple work that you’re sure you can see through till the end with dedication such as painting, tiling, and installing floor panels can all be done by yourself. Hiring workers to do it for you is the most taxing on your budget plans.

  • Shop for secondhand

Secondhand furniture is not always furniture that is used through. You might be able to find pieces that have good construction and can be brought back to life easily with a fresh coat of paint or a new throw-over rug.

  • Stock items are the best

You might be tempted to get a custom made cover for your sofa or a specific type of glass for your table but stop yourself right there. Getting work done on stock items can burn a hole through your wallet and with the money you save, you will be able to give them a whole new look anyway, with colourful throws or pillows for your sofa or an interesting lamp or aromatherapy diffuser for your table.

  • Play the waiting game

Discounts are your best friend. Wait for your favourite home décor store to have stock clearance sales and discounts and choose the best time to snag that perfect coffee table. If it goes out of stock, forget about it and move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

  • Reuse old items

Look around your home for items that are hidden away in a corner but can take centre stage after an inexpensive DIY makeover. Add a new gloss of paint on sideboards, make new covers for pillows, throw some accessories on your couch and suddenly you have a brand new home.

  • Accessorize your home

Accessorize your home like you would accessorize an outfit. Anything can be a beautiful addition to your living space. A bowl of fresh fruit can add a spark of color to your table and books can add depth and character to any shelf. Group together shells and driftwood and place them on the side table to create a wonderful decorative piece.

  • Lighting

Having the right kind of lighting can really brighten up your room. Have ambient candles and table lamps brighten up your living space by introducing a warm glow. Additionally, if your candles are fragrant aromatherapy candles they can add an extra element to your home décor. Bringing the right kind of light into your home can turn it’s impression around without much of an investment.

  • Aromatherapy

One of the easiest ways to give your home a complete makeover without putting in too much effort is by investing in aromatherapy. By using essential oil diffusers you will be able to change the visual as well as all-around ambience of a room. Aromatherapy products not only change the ambience they also bring in enhanced concentration and improved focus levels.

Decorating on a budget can be simple if you are willing to be creative and put in some extra effort into achieving your dream home.


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