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Since ancient times, incense sticks are used to build wholesome atmosphere in houses, temples and sacred places. Special Fragrances are believed to posses powers which attract certain positive energies to the environment. They disinfect the air in your house. They also enhance concentration and focus of mind. They improve confidence and creativity and motivate the dweller to a spiritual level. They are therefore revered by people since time immemorial and utilised to bring about spiritual and mental clarity. Apart from bringing you closer to the divinity, the atmospheric scents help stimulate your body and aid to relax you internally. They even shrink depressive elements and help harmonise with nature.

Fresh Spring Fragrance

This fragrance will bring with it the fresh smell of the spring season and make your home feel like a blossom of new, refreshing abode. It will uplift your mind and convey a sense of newness that will motivate you against procrastination. Say bye-bye to laziness! Wake up every day with that with brightness in your heart with the Fresh Spring incense stick.

Pink Rose Fragrance

There is nothing new in the statement that the rose fragrance is known to invoke romantic quality in the inhaler. It arouses your sexual senses and awareness. The pink rose fragrance of incense sticks helps in eliminating stress and relaxes you from deep within.

Vedic Woods Fragrance

The Vedic Wood fragrance will instil deep sense of acuteness and nourish your perception of the world. It will increase confidence in the attitude of life and intensify your concentration. The Vedic wood fragrance will bring the spirit of the woods into your house.

Musk Madness Fragrance

Musk has an elemental characteristic of anti-inflammation. Living in an aroma of musk madness incense helps make your external skin flawless. The lovely smell of musk will keep your house perfumed throughout the day.

Fusion Fragrance

Infusion of various natural ingredients like the Agarwood, exotic flowers and other aromatherapy essential oils, the fusion fragrance incense stick gives the combination of benefits of all its constituents.

Sandalwood Fragrance

Sandalwood incense is a much better substitute for deodorant. It simultaneously promotes grandeur of peace and activity. Sandalwood fragrance sticks are used to remove domestic odours from house, for example, odour from pets, left out food, sink and fridge smells.

Lavender Fragrance

The Lavender fragrance fashions a soothing, relaxing environment which is especially favourable for babies. Lavender is an antibiotic and cleanses the environment of germs. Its sedative properties help sleep better at night.

Lemon Mist Fragrance

The fragrance of lemon mist incense stick creates a light environment for your house which helps in reducing tension and anxiety produced by day to day activities. Get rid of all mental conflicts by introducing this fragrance into your house.

Orchid Fragrance

The aroma of orchid relaxes senses and heightens your aptitude for admiration. Using orchid fragrance of incense stick in your house will help you counteract frustration and irritability and make your more confident as you go through your daily life. It is a familiar smell and both the genders find it very pleasant.

Mystic Night Fragrance

The mystic night fragrance of incense sticks is the one you want to have a perfect end to the day. Burn it at night after dinner and experience the enriching flair of this fragrance that will reduce your tendency of insomnia and keep your soul contented.

Forest Dew Fragrance

The forest dew fragrance of incense stick leaves a long lasting aroma of sweetness. It creates an environment of fresh and clean scent which will leave all the housewives satisfied.

Oriental Pearl Fragrance

This is a must have for the working class family. The oriental pearl fragrance will keep your house air impervious to outside negativities and builds an atmosphere of positivity, hence relaxing the mind and keeping you fresh.

Citronella Fragrance

Citronella fragrance is the number one air purifier and disinfectant. Light the citronella incense stick in your house and stay assured to have an insect free environment because it will ward off all the insects and other venoms. 

As every fragrance has a different uplifting value, finding the suitable incense stick is very important. This list of fragrances is everything you need to create the desired environment in your home.


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