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After a day’s hectic schedule, you head to your humble abode in search of solace. To find it unpleasant with bad odours will definitely stress you out and make you frustrated. That is why it is essential to keep your house smelling fresh always. This will help you de-stress and relax after a long day at work. Moreover, your guests will be delighted to visit your place that always smells pleasantly.

The popular choice for eliminating any kind of odour from home is obviously the synthetic air fresheners available in the market. They lure you with their attractive visuals, which make you believe that they can restore the freshness in your home. However synthetic air fresheners do not remove odours, they can only mask them. In addition, these synthetic air fresheners are harmful for your health as they can cause migraine and asthma attacks. Therefore, in order to keep your home smelling fresh, adopt a natural method, that is both easy on your pocket and merciful to your health.

Here are few ideas of natural home fragrant:

  1. Switch to using essential oils. Customize the fragrance of each room according to your choice. Essential oils are aromatic components obtained from plants. They are essentially non-toxic, relaxing and can play the role of disinfectant. In a spray bottle take water and add 10-15 drops of essential oil in it. Then spread the aroma throughout your home.

  1. Use reed diffusers. This is probably the best way to eliminate odour from your home. Buy any reed diffuser or make your own at home. The best thing about reed diffusers is that you can use your favorite essential oil in these. The fragrance will keep your nose happy and thereby make your life better.

  1. Prepare a stovetop or dry potpourri. There are various potpourris already available in the market, like citrus, floral, sandalwood. You can either choose from them or prepare your own. Collect pinecones and let them dry. Then drop essential oil on them. You are good to go. Another method that you can use when you have guests arriving and there is a code red at kitchen to eliminate the odour of garlic that you cooked. Prepare a stovetop potpourri. Simmer a pot of water on stove with cinnamon sticks, vanilla extract, and apple cider. The fragrance will spread throughout your home.

  1. Replace those fancy aroma candles with beeswax candles. Most of the aromatic candles are use paraffin as their main ingredient, which is again a synthetic product that can cause havoc on your health. Beeswax candles are the best options as they are organic and they use essential oils to make your home a fragrant abode.

  1. Eliminate bathroom odour with teabags. Teabags can be helpful to eliminate odour when it comes to small, enclosed places. Hang a few teabags at the back of your bathroom door. Infuse the teabags with a drop or two of essential oils. Continue enjoying the fresh aroma around your bathroom too. Alternatively, you can use either aromatherapy candles or organic bathroom fresheners in the bathroom to remove the stinking smell.

Clean and let the fresh air come in. Clean your house regularly with organic floor sanitizers and keep the windows open during day. If your home has regular flow of wind and sunlight then it will remain fresh and fragrant like a garden of flowers.


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