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The uses of incense sticks are usually restricted to mere air freshener or for religious purposes. We are unaware of the fact that incense sticks can be beneficial for our mind and body as well. They help in various physical and psychological conditions in our body.

Since the beginning of civilization, sages and spiritual healers have tried to inform us about the benefit of incense sticks. Monks used them to increase concentration power, artists use them to inspire creative ideas and couples use them for their aphrodisiac powers.

How to use Incense sticks?

Use incense sticks everyday to maintain a fresh and fragrant environment all around your house and workplace. There are two kinds of incense sticks available, one in the form of sticks and another is incense brick, light up the sticks, fan out the flame and place in holders. The second type, i.e., the incense brick is a one-time use product. Place the incense brick on an electric burner. Finally, switch on the burner and let the fragrant aroma fill up your room.

Why should you use Incense sticks?

Here are listed some of the benefits of using incense sticks.

  • Intensify your concentration power. The busy life that most of us lead these days has made us masters of multitasking. In such cases, one should possess immense concentration power and focus on particular work. Certain incense sticks enables the mind to think clearly and develops the state of complete awareness. Monks and sages use this benefit to clear their mind for meditation. These incense sticks can also help soothe and clam a troubled mind and help you make good decisions. The fragrances that help in intensifying concentration are cinnamon, lavender, patchouli and rose.

  • Kindle your creativity. Studies show that a pleasing aroma can help in the flow of your creative energy. Particular fragrances of wood, forest, spring water can transport your mind and imagination to those places. The incense sticks that have these qualities are cinnamon, ginger, star anise etc.

  • Deepen aphrodisiac qualities. Pheromones are natural aphrodisiac, which have the ability to attract the opposite sex. Depending upon this sense of smell, incense acts as aphrodisiacs. In addition, incense can boost up confidence, which in turn can attract the opposite sex. Look for fragrances of patchouli, night queen, jasmine and vanilla in your incense stick to help in the games of attraction.

  • Prevents germ and bacteria in the air. Many incense sticks have antibacterial properties, which can kill germs in the environment. By sterilizing the environment with incense sticks, you can keep any kind of germ at bay from causing diseases and infections. If this is your concern then look for sandalwood, cinnamon or amber fragrance incense sticks.

  • Put up a fight against depression using incense sticks. A recent study has revealed that burning frankincense activates ion channels in brain, absence of which can aggravate anxiety and depression. The compounds released by the incense sticks, affects the brain areas that control anxiety thereby keeping a check upon depression. Incense like sandalwood, aloe, Indian cedar helps in fighting depression.

Thus, these incense sticks are a great boon to us. Housing a multitude of advantages and uses, they add great value to the places they are burnt in. If nothing else, a good fragrant room is always better than one with a bad odour. It’s time to include these in your shopping lists and make every day a better one.


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