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When you envision a romantic dinner at your home, you think of beautiful candles all around the room. Or when you come back home from a long day at work and just want to sink into a hot water tub, you wish there were sweet smelling candles around you. Candles are a women’s best friend and add an aesthetic touch to your home. Here is how you can make your home beautiful:

For a soothing effect:

After a long day, there is nothing as an aromatic candle to soothe your senses.  Some aromas that make for perfect candles are:

  • Lavender scented candles: There’s no scent that is more soothing than lavender. It is floral but not strongly so. It balances the equilibrium of the body and relaxes tense muscles. To gaze at the flame in the bath is mesmerizing to the body and helps relax both the eyes and the mind. A must have if you are planning on a spa day!

  • Rose scented candles: For those of you who are rose lovers, this is a perfect candle to help unwind sore muscles. Light it in your bath and feel rejuvenated. The scent relieves nervousness and removes any frustrations.
  • Ylang Ylang candles: Ylang Ylang is known for its extremely aromatic properties. It is said to calm the heart and nerves and thus relieves the body of tension and stress. It is indeed a perfect candle to place in your bath.
  • Wild lime scented candles: These candles provide a stimulating but warm and comforting scent that is a perfect spa candle. It burns with a citrus aroma with undertones of amber and has a very summery feel to it.
  • For date nights:

On those nights when you want to spend time with your partner but do not want the hassle of reserving a table in a posh restaurant, you can create the perfect romantic scenario at home with candles. Because candles provide dim light only on small portions of the room, it adds to a sense of intimacy. Here are some candles that are perfect for this:

  • Vanilla scented candles: There’s nothing plain about vanilla scented candles. The aroma of these candles cannot be resisted by men and women of any age. What makes it more appealing is the romantic aroma that it has to it. A perfect candle for a date night setup.
  • Forest berry scented candles: The forest berry scent is a darker scent that is perfect for a romantic set up. It’s musky undertones act as an aphrodisiac and gives out a very holiday like vibe.

  • Orange scented candles: Not only do these candles add a pop of vibrant colour to any room, they are also treated as an aphrodisiac since time immemorial. It is said that during the Egyptian times, orange scented candles were used for uplifting moods and arousals.
  • For prayer and worship: When candles are used during prayers, it creates a warm atmosphere that soothes the mind in order to pray in a more effective way. The most commonly used candle for this purpose is sandalwood scented candles. The scent is said to alert the senses and help in meditation. It is also traditionally believed that it helps to transform one’s desires and is thus used while offering incense to oneself.

  • As gifts to your loved ones: When you are planning on gifting a loved one something special, candles make the perfect choice! They can be used in homes to give an aesthetic touch and decorate the house in an affordable way. Another reason why candles are gifted is because of its aromatherapy properties that help women create their personal abode of comfort and leisure. When gifting scented candles, the recipient will be able to connect the aroma of the candle with the person gifting it to them and thus making the gift memorable.

Whether it is to unwind after a long day or as an accompaniment to a fun date night candles are an ideal way to set the mood. Get the best organic candles from right here.


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