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Except for entomologists, everyone else in the world will tell how, to varying degrees, they despise mosquitoes. There is an important ecological reason for these insects to exist (they have even been around since the time of the dinosaurs, as amber and fossil remains have proven). But the logic of it all escapes us normal people who suffer with these vermin every day.


From malaria to dengue, plain irritation to work-and-play-interfering potential, mosquitoes are the scourge of modern civilization and no matter what we do they seem to adapt to our defences and grow stronger. While there is a philosophical point in there somewhere, the more pertinent question is: “Can I get rid of these monsters from hell?”


  1. Natural Options Are More Effective Than Chemicalized One sat Mosquito Prevention. True or False?

Time and again, the killing of mosquitoes has made even the most diligent pacifist pick up an electric bat or spread some sort of incense around the room as they scream war to the mosquitoes.


  • Natural options come packing a very different set of ingredients compared to more harmful sprays and coils.
  • While chemicalized versions can sometimes smell wonderful, they contain poisons that we breathe in and that have every chance of affecting us years later.
  • That they instantly kill mosquitoes is the reason we tolerate them despite knowing they carry harmful later-year side effects for us human beings.
  • We are that desperate. So desperate in fact that we have forgotten natural options are relatively superior and remarkably safe.
  • Natural mosquito repellents are completely DEET-free and contain no pesticides and insecticides. A prime example is citronella, a scent that keeps the flying vampires at bay.
  • From diffusers (mostly electric), sanitizers, and sports sprays to patches and incense sticks, you have a plethora of mosquito-battling choices to explore.
  • Go for package deals, they are cheaper. If, however, you want sole products make sure you get them based on the size of the space you want to shield from mosquitoes. The product package or online page should make mention of this.


So, natural options more effective than chemicalized ones. True or false? True!


  1. Electric Vaporizers – The Most Convenient

Touted to be quite suitable when it comes to mosquito repelling, you merely need to plug these in, turn on the switch, and go back to doing whatever you want around the house/office.


  • Herbal vaporizers carry no side effects or harmful substances and they bring a world’s worth of protection. They have proven to work better than most other options; toxic counterparts included.
  • Go for natural choices, they are safer especially if you have children in the house or if you yourself are susceptible or allergic to these scents.
  • Comprising plant extracts and aromatic oils, the blend comes designed to fight mosquitoes, block or addle their senses, and keep them out.
  • Vaporizer products generally come in 40ml packs that can last 40-50 nights (a span of 12 hours on average each night).
  • Most herbal vaporizers are not made to kill but discourage mosquitoes from entering a living space. This is a good thing. You do not need to sweep them up the next day and add to you cleaning focus. Deprived of blood, the mosquitoes go and die somewhere outside where other environmental factors can make use of them. You are left stress-free to keep that electric bat down and carry on with work or play without worrying about bites or worse, especially just before bedtime.


  1. Will Incense Sticks Produce the Same Effect?

Compared to toxic vector control chemicals, mosquito-repellent incense sticks are not gentle classic choices that may or may not work. In fact, they are potent and work better to scent up the space while ridding it of mosquitoes.


  • More often than not, citronella is the scent of choice. Several natural repellent options include this organic compound for its sheer force against mosquitoes. Even synthetic options often fail in this regard.
  • A 100% natural oil or blend of citronella or some other compound, as you prefer, are available in the form of incense sticks.
  • Place these sticks on neutral temperature surfaces, do not let trimmings accumulate into a pile or pool or you will have that to clean up after, and trim each wick a quarter inch before lighting.


For more information on Natural Mosquito Repellents, go here.



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