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Reed diffusers are being bought by many household today as they provide a simple and elegant solution to the chemical air fresheners. They help beat the odour and at the same time provide a touch of brilliance and elegance to the house. Here are some techniques and tips that one should keep in mind while using a reed diffuser.

  1. Place in high activity area

Reed Diffusers have an important role to play in maintaining a beautiful and fragrant environment in the area. Therefore it would be wise to place the reed diffuser at a convenient place where there is frequent traffic and activity which causes unpleasant odour to arise. By placing the reed diffuser at a prime place, one can help reduce the bad odour arising from such places that degrade the atmosphere of the house. It should also be notes that placing a reed diffuser is highly risky in such places and can cause mishaps therefore one must be careful to place it in such a place that nobody or nothing can  tumble over it or break it accidentally.

  1. Flip

Reed diffusers work for a long time in maintaining a fragrant environment in the house but there arises a time when the strength of the fragrance drops drastically leaving it ineffective against the bad odours. Being kept in a state of rest for a long time causes the stick to fade out which causes its effects also reduce drastically. To counter that one simply flip the reed diffusers from time to time. Flipping the diffuser at regular intervals can help keep the sticks fresh and lively and at the same time help it be effective for a long period of time.

  1. Vacation

Although reed diffusers are a very important part of the housing decorations, they can’t be switched off at will. Doing so can bring back the bad odour which it helped the atmosphere to get rid of.And on top of that it is also not recommended to leave the diffuser stagnant for a long time. Therefore it causes a huge dilemma during vacations. It is highly recommended that the diffusers should be flipped just before leaving the house so that it can evenly distribute its activity and it doesn’t put extra pressure on one side which could render it ineffective.

    4. Pick right size

Reed diffusers play huge part in keeping a house fresh and smelling lively. Reed diffusers add a touch to beauty and elegance to the overall aspect of a place. Therefore it is necessary for one to pick a Reed Diffuser that suit the place that it is being used for. Therefore numerous types of diffusers available which are suitable for a wide range of places. For example a big place requires a highly effective diffuser whereas a most unoccupied place requires a long lasting diffuser. It is necessary to understand and judge the right type and size of diffuser in order to get the best of benefits from it.

  1. Change oil

Reed diffusers are regularly being put to use and therefore it is normal for them to fade out and lose their effect over the course of time. Therefore it is recommended that the oil used in the diffuser be replaced at regular intervals. It helps the diffuser keep its effect and helps it combat the unwanted odours and helps it cover it more effectively. It is also recommended that the fragrance of the diffusers should also be changed from time to time as different fragrance adds a new touch of charm to the place.

  1. Change reeds

Along with replacement of oil one should also take care of the reeds that are used. One should regularly replace the reeds used in regular intervals so as to maintain the reed diffusers effectiveness. Long use of same reeds can lead to the diffuser being ineffective.

With the rise in popularity of aromatherapy of different kinds, reed diffusers have become an essential home accessory. Get your first one here.


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