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The word incense has been derived from the Latin word “Incendere” which means “to burn”. It is believed that the use of incense began in Ancient Egypt and later spread to the rest of the world. Available in the form of powder, sticks and cones, Incense is made from a mixture of Aromatic Plant Extracts and Essential Oils. Since the beginning, incense sticks and cones  have been used during religious ceremonies in order enhance the positive spiritual energies. Apart from that, they are also used in eliminating bad smell, to repel insects, meditation, aromatherapy or effortless pleasure.

According to the ancient mythology, incense has the power to convert the energetic vibrations of the room to positive spiritual energies and also eliminate the negative energy . Incense has always remained as one of the most important tools of worship. It is believed that as the smoke of the incense rises, so does the power of your prayers; which results in your requests getting fulfilled.

The Healing Power of Incense sticks and Cones


Spiritual healing can be done with the many types of fragrances. Different fragrances  are used to attract different Deities and their powers. Along with that, the fragrances also helps purify the air and the negative spiritual energy. Incense sticks also help set a mood for meditation which is a great way of gaining inner peace and a healthy mind and soul.

Incense sticks  and cones are also used to heal people who are affected by ghosts and demons. Their soul can be purified and freed by using the power of incense sticks and cones which are used during the process of exorcism. The regular use of such incense can irritate the ghost until they are forced to leave the affected person alone.

The presence of incense creates a positive atmosphere which helps to calm your mind and eventually controls your level of fear, anger, fatigue, disappointment, tiredness and loneliness. It also has the power to quicken and purify our sense organs. During the performance of yoga, incenses act as a catalyst and help in activating the consciousness level.

It has medicinal properties too. It can be used for the treatment of health disorders through the process of aromatherapy. It also enhances the power of smell and helps overcome various side effects.

Among the five types of sense organs, the sense of smell can help us a lot in the healing process. The Nose sends the smell directly to the Brain creating a sense of happiness which affects our emotions, hormones, and our nervous system.


10 Assets of Healing


  • Helps you communicate with your Deity.
  • Purification of mind and body.
  • Helps eliminate impropriety.
  • Acts as your companion during solitude.
  • Brings peace.
  • No one is tired of its fragrance when it is abundant.
  • Everyone is satisfied when there is scarcity.
  • No side effects.

Fragrance According to your Zodiac Sign


In order to heal our inner soul and free oneself from misery, one is advised to bathe themselves with the five types of fragrances of incense namely aloe, camphor, sulphur, myrrh and frankincense.

You are advised to smell certain fragrance according to your zodiac signs for better results. The fragrances according to your zodiac signs are:

  • Aries: Myrrh
  • Taurus: Costus root, an aromatic herb
  • Gemini: Mastic
  • Cancer: Camphor
  • Leo: Frankincense
  • Virgo: White Sandalwood
  • Libra: of Galbanum
  • Scorpio: Coral
  • Sagittarius: Aloe
  • Capricorn: Pine extract
  • Aquarius: Spikenard
  • Pisces: Thyme


These fragrances in the form of incense sticks and cones should be lit and smelled on a daily basis for a positive feedback. You can get the details about all our organic incense sticks and stones by clicking here .


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