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Are you tired of your work, not only physically but also mentally? And as soon as you reach home, the foul smell in your room drives you crazy? Do not go through a torture like this. After working so hard, you deserve better than this smell. An incense stick gives you a pleasant fragrance when burnt. The pleasant odour creates an unconditional aroma around you which not only relaxes you but also renders your body with positive vibes. These vibes are the best feeling one ever can feel after so much of tiredness. Incense works like a magical stick which can help you in every possible way; it is used in meditation; it used to deplete the foul smell, it is used in religious rituals and many other things.

Indian culture is a central example where incenses  are used widely at almost each and every occasion. Incense is burned at happy moments like marriage and at sad occasions like death ceremonies. Burning incense creates a peaceful aroma which helps in cooling up your mind. These are used to meditate as it provides the best aura around you. Incenses are not only used in Indian culture, but it is also used in other parts of the world – an indivisible part of many other cultures too. Buddhism is one of the examples of it. It helps you release your tension and make your body calm. There are many types of incenses which are used according to the occasion. The six types of incense sticks are:


  1. Cedarwood: Cedarwood incense is simple incense which symbolises strength or power. It is considered that its aroma brings strength and helps you feel positive by keeping all the negative vibes away. It is considered that when an army used to go for a fight, this incense used to be burnt in the castle so that it fills the army with confidence and zeal and provide them the strength to fight against the enemy. At times, it is also used in spells to provoke the manliness of a person.



  1. Lavender : Lavender is a type of flower that is known for its beauty and fragrance. That’s why this type of incense is used to depict the beauty. This incense attracts the person towards itself as its fragrance is so much attractive that no one can avoid it. It works so well for love spells. Romantic aroma is created with the help of lavender incenses.


  1. Sandalwood: A sandalwood  is an object or material which is considered as spiritual, and this type of wood is used on religious occasions. Sandalwood Incense creates a religious ambience around you and helps in meditation. It can also be used to purify an area.


  1. Vanilla: All other incenses have different elemental attributions. Vanilla incense’s elemental attribution is air. This incense is associated with intelligence and all mental thoughts and helps you in concentrating. This incense is lighted when there is a concern regarding intelligence.


  1. Rose: We all know that rose  is the symbol of love and desire. It helps you to showcase your feelings for someone. It is also used for love spells to attract the person physically. It helps in completing your love desire in life.

  1. Jasmine: Jasmine is also a beautiful flower which blossoms out in the night. This incense is associated with night and is also a symbol of love. It is not related to sensual feelings but is associated with the beauty. In love spells, rose incense is used but this incense also deals with the mental and emotional connection between two people. This beauty is not applicable to the outer beauty; it can also deal with the inner beauty or the character of a person.


These all are the type of incenses which are organic and are associated with different elemental attributions. The aroma created by these incenses relaxes the body and calms the mind. These are used in different situations to get more benefits.

To create an excellent ambience around, you need to light up these organic incenses with different fragrances.  Click here  to know more.


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