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Abalone Shell

An original abalone shell is an incredible container for grasping blazing incense sticks. People usually burn resins, herbs and other non-combustible incense in abalone shell. While doing this, always insulate the bottom of the shell with sand. This is going to keep the shell unharmed and protect against high temperatures.

 Boat Burners

This is the most common type of incense burner  found in homes. It is made up of wooden base which is curved at one end. The incense stick or bamboo reed is inserted in a small hole placed in that curved part. They are also available in aluminum, glass, ceramic etc. They are widely used because of their ash catching property.

Bowl Shaped Incense Burner

The simplest form of incense burner is bowl shaped burner . It is a bowl made of brass or ceramic capable of burning combustible and non-combustible incense. The bowl is designed in such a way that it can withstand the nonflammable insulating material also. Its bottom is filled with natural ash so as to protect it against high temperatures.

Box Burners

They work best for burning incense stick and cones. Usually made of hand-carved wood, they have storage space for the incense underneath. They can be burnt with closed as well as open lid. These types of burners can accommodate ash of many incense sticks. With proper care and cleaning, these burners will last you for a couple of years.

Brass Screen Charcoal Burner

These types of burners come with a screen on the top which is generally 2.5” – 3.5” high. The screen can be turn upside down to burn cones, and small smudge sticks. This type of incense burner is beneficial in case one wants to burn multiple incense one after another. Brass screen on the top is used for providing height to the incense stick or powders.  It also includes a coaster or stand to prevent the furniture from getting harmed.  

Burners for Loose, Powdered or Granulated Incense

These types of incense burners  are intended for burning loose, powdered or granulated incense. It composes of a bowl with a platform of about 2” sand at the base. Made of brass, ceramic or glass, it is best suited for both combustible and non-combustible incense.

Coil Burners

Coils burners need to be designed such that the coil gets continuous air flow, since it cannot be laid on a flat hard surface. These types of burners are designed an inch or two above the ground to keep the coil burning.  One such example is a prong shaped coil burner.

Combination Burners

These types of burners support more than one type of incense. Available in different materials, like glass, ceramics, brass, wood, aluminum. They are provided with many holes of different sizes, inside which, many types of incense can be fixed. The supplest burner is bowl shaped incense burner .

Cone Incense Burners

Cones always burn completely, so cone burners are designed in such a way that the unprotected wood is never harmed. Some wood burners are pre fixed with metals that stop the wood from burning. Commonly cone burners come with broad base with or without a lid. The lid is well ventilated to prevent accumulation of smoke and proper burning of cone with lid on.

Stone & Clay Incense Burners

Stone and clay incense burners  are available in incredibly good-looking forms, colors and dimensions. They support lighting of multiple incense sticks at a particular time. They can shore up with cones, coils, normal incense etc. Make sure that the burner is always placed on heat resistant surface when cone is being lit. Use a pin as a cleaning tool.

Smudge Bowls & Pots

Some smudge bowls are designed to crib flamed blotch packs. While some are ideal for lighting loose herbs and resin on charcoal. No matter what you are burning make sure that the bowl you use is fireproof. Adding inch of sand at the bottom can protect the bowl from intense heat.


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