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With the onset of winters, kids are returning to their hectic schedule of school, friends, and additional activities. Back at school, children are restricted to classrooms filled with numerous children, which can direct them to tension and vulnerability to colds and flu.

Essential oils can help children all the way through these hard times. In addition to stimulating the olfactory system, the molecules of essential oils are so minute that they enter the bloodstream quickly and are conceded to all segments of the body.Using an aromatherapy diffuser or misting essential oils aids in killing viruses and bacteria in the atmosphere and can encourage soothing or stimulating surroundings. The following oil diffusers and sprays are must have for a house with kids:

  1. Lavender Oil Diffuser - For babies (3+ months)

Lavender has a syrupy, flowery fragrance that is comforting and energizing. Lavender’s odor is great for peaceful atmosphere and winding down before bedtime. Lavender essential oil may add an admiring comment your preferred shampoos, lotions and skin care products.

  • Uses

An excellentmedicine for burns, cuts, and stings, it’scurative and sterilecharacteristicsbring an endto pain and pace up the skin’s curing process. Its pain relieving properties help calmdrained, painful muscles and tenderness from insect bites. Lavender, very soothing and harmonizing for both mind and body;assists sleep and benefits the immune system.

  • How to use?

The utmost suggested the quantity of essential oils used on babies 3+ months, should not go beyond .2% of the guidelines, or 1-2 drops of essential oil per ounce of supportive oil.


  1. Citronella Oil Diffuser - For babies (6+ months)


Citronella oil is prepared by vapor refinement of certain type of grasses in the Cymbopogon group of plants. Ceylon citronella oil is produced from Cymbopogon nardus, and Java citronella oil is produced from Cymbopogon winterianus.

  • Uses

Citronella oil is a remedy to drive out worms or other parasites from the intestines. It is also used to direct muscle contraction augment appetite, and raise urine production to ease fluid maintenance.

  • How to use?

The highest suggested thequantity of essential oils used on babies of 6+ months should not exceed .5% of the recipe, or 3-5 drops of essential oil along with carrier oil.


  1. Ginger Oil Diffuser  - For children (2+ years)


There are innumerable benefits of ginger essential oil. Ginger oil aroma like you'd guess: syrupy, zesty, wooded, and balmy. The advantages are almost similar to the benefits of fresh ginger.

The ginger oil contains chemical ingredients that have been known to have agreatly positive impact on the body's capability to cure itself. Using the essential oil of a plant makesapowerfulinfluenceof its properties. Ginger is famousfor its effect on the digestive and nervous system.


  • Uses

Ginger oil helps in easy indigestion and digestion activities and brings warmth to the body. It is also called the oil of empowerment, thus provide emotional benefits.

  • How to use?

Use should not exceed 2% of the recipe, or 20 drops with a carrier oil.

  1. Peppermint Oil Diffuser - For children(10+ years)


Peppermint is one of the oldest and greatly regarded aromatic plants for sustaining normal digestion, encouraging healthy intestinal function and gastrointestinal system ease.

  • Uses

Peppermint oil helps in a variety of digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion and heartburn. The oil is majorly used in case of a headache, muscle pain.

  • How to use?

Use should not exceed 3% of the recipe or 30 drops with acarrier oil.


  1. Eucalyptus spray - For children(10+ years)

The most helpful oil for preserving good health and well being year round is Eucalyptus Oil Spray. Whether it's used for pain liberation or inhalation ailments - this product is necessary to aid in keeping your family healthy.

  • Uses

Eucalyptus Oil assists to battle against the cold and flu virus.This product is efficient in relieving pain, due to the oils ability to penetrate deep & fast into a muscle or joint, and lessen swelling.

  • How to use?

Use should not exceed 3% of the recipe or 30 drops witha carrier oil.

The oil diffusers are a nice way of refreshing your living space and also lend a therapeutic experience for those living in it.





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