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Mosquitoes and diseases caused by them are amongst the serious issues that society at a large is facing today.  All age groups are facing great troubles due to consistently multiplying mosquitoes and the resulting menace due to them. A large number of victims of the diseases caused by mosquitoes like Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya and more are the ones who belong to the age group of 12 years and below i.e. the kids because of their lower immunity and increased exposure. Kids are more prone to mosquito attacks as they usually go out in open playgrounds or other such places and become exposed targets. Parents now have started locking their kids in the home due to multiplying mosquitoes and the various life-threatening diseases caused by them.

Mosquitoes are getting tougher day-by-day and society needs an effective solution to deal with the same. There are many options available in the market for shielding oneself from mosquito bites and hence the diseases caused by them. Some of the anti mosquito measures are mosquito repellent liquids, coils, papers, wristbands, creams to apply on skin and many more. All these are effective but come with certain limitations, for example – coils need finite and surrounded area for effective results, liquids need electric power to operate, papers also go only for closed surroundings and skin creams can cause irritation or rashes depending upon the skin type they are being applied on. Among all the options listed above and many more, wristbands are the most comfortable and easy-to-use especially for the kids.
What exactly are Anti Mosquito Bands?
Anti-mosquito band is first of its kind mosquito repellent product that provides effective protection against mosquito bites. The anti-mosquito bands are quite helpful and friendly to secure oneself from mosquitoes and the resulting menace from their bites. These are most apt for kids as these are easy to carry and have no side effects. The bands are coated with mosquito repellent material, most of the times with Citronella Oil. Citronella oil is known for its characteristic aroma that keeps mosquitoes away and offer soothing effects to both mind and body. Apart from Citronella oil coatings, many bands also contain special chamber to store some of it so as to ensure better and long-lasting effects. 
How do anti-mosquito wristbands work?
work through their coating. These bands are medically coated with some mosquito repellent product. Citronella oil is the most widely used mosquito repellent product for coating these bands. This aromatic oil keeps mosquitoes away from those who wear these bands. The aroma of Citronella oil also possesses soothing effects on physical and mental health.
How anti-mosquito bands for kids are superior to other options?
Anti-mosquito bands are quite helpful when it comes to protection against mosquito bites and the resulting health hazards. There are multiple benefits that one gets by going for anti-mosquito bands for their kids, some of which are listed below
  1. Easy to Handle
Anti-mosquito bands are designed for wrists and are easy to handle. Kids usually need comfort and easy-to-go things and for this these bands are just incomparable. With their friendly and affable services, anti-mosquito bands are just best to go for when it comes to protecting your kids from deadly mosquito bites.
  1. Non-Toxic
Another benefit of these bands is that these are non-toxic in all ways. Citronella oil, used in most of the anti-mosquito wristbands, is completely free from all kinds of side effects on health and immunity of the kids. With these bands, children remain shielded from all kinds of chemicals and their toxic effects. So, these are extremely helpful and bring in good alone.
  1. Can be used outside homes
Most of the mosquito repellent products come with certain limitations. Most of them need enclosed environments for their effective functioning that is difficult to arrange always. Children usually play in open playgrounds and hence need an absolute solution. Anti-mosquito bands are quite effective when children need protection outside their homes and when enclosed surroundings cannot be arranged.
  1. Stylish and attractive
These are stylish and attractive too. Children love to wear them on their wrists as these come in many different colors and designs. These become sort of accessories for kids when they are out for playing or something else.
  1. Time Saving and Cost Effective
Anti-mosquito bands are time-saving and cost effective. You just need to put them on your children’s wrists, and it’s all done. You do not need to look for other things like lighters or power sockets.
Anti-mosquito bands thus come with great benefits when it comes to protecting your kids against fatal mosquito bites. These are new but quite effective in keeping mosquitoes away. Click To know more about other mosquito repellents.


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