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We’ve all have encountered pests in our life at least once and do admit, it isn’t a pleasant experience. But using harsh chemicals to protect your home? You’re just poisoning the air around you. People have started to realise the harmful effects of the chemicals they use to kill the pests and have started opting for organic methods to eradicate pests.

  • Keep your home clean!

It is the golden rule. A clean and clutter-free space is free from pests. Pests get attracted to dirt. You can use disinfectants to keep your floors clean and germ-free. Sweep and mop every corner of your house meticulously. Do not let dust pile up on your furniture; regularly dust the whole house.

  • Good ventilation

Ventilation is a must in every home. A poorly ventilated place is prone to attack by pests as the air would be muggy and humid; the perfect environment for inoculation. The flow of air will not only keep the room fresh but also deter the growth of germs. Ample sunlight is another requisite. A lot of pests are nocturnal, and a dimly lit room is a haven for such pests.

  • Medicinal plants

Plants like Citronella, rose scented Geraniums Ageratum, Horsemint, Marigolds, and Catnipkeep away mosquitoes and flies.

  • Natural methods

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth, it constitutes of small particles which tear the exoskeleton of insects that crawl on it. Spraying salty water on the ant hills or nearby areas will force them to come out. You can sprinkle the diatomaceous earth around their dwellings.

  • Cover them up

Close the entry points of the pests; like the crevice on the wall or a crack in the parapet, etc.cover the gap between the door and the floor to protect from lizards entering your house.

  • Organic products

Use products which kill pest without the harmful effect of chemicals on us. Chemicals in the pest kill can have an ill effect on our health. It is even more important to not use such products if you have babies or elderly people in your house; they might suffer an allergic reaction to the harsh chemicals.

Your priority even when preventing infestation is your own health and well-being. Think about it this way, the chemical products that can kill living beings no matter what their size is, it is dangerous for all the other living beings too.  The health of your family comes first, so go ahead and go organic and protect your family from the pests in a safe way.

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