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Enough said about the bedroom and its importance, but when your partner is having a bad day at theoffice, what can you do? They won’t talk to you, and trying for it is going to make matters worse. Therefore, it's your duty to make his life a bit easier at home. How? Well, adding a bit more spice to your married life makes much more sense when your room smells amazing and looks amazing too.Well, the only way by which you can do this is with the help of scented candles.

So let’s get a check on what kind of candles are available in the market

  • Romantic candles: Romantic candles come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.The way it is placed and kept in the bedroom matters the most.The different shapes should be kept in mind as it gives a soothing effect to the eye. Some of the most common shapes are:
  • Roundshaped
  • Heart shaped
  • Flower shaped etc..

  • Romantic colors color is one of the most important elements while choosing scentedColors that usually stand for romanticism should be given preferences like:
  • Red is the most common color related to hearts. Also, rosesare the iconic symbol of It is the color which connects you to love, romance and passion.So it should be given the highest preference.
  • Pink is also a color which symbolizes young love and teenage romance.
  • Purple a color which symbolizes royalty and the passion for love.

  • Coming to scented candles: There are different kinds of scented candles available.Scent is one the most powerful things which make your emotions grow and gives you a complete feel of the situation.A strong emotional response can be expected when exposed to the smell which soothes your nerve and fills up the mind with energy.Candles are also used for aromatherapy.

Scented candles should never be used during a meal as they tend to mix with thearoma of the food.

Different types of scented candles are:

  • Food-scented candles: Well food candles are there to excite your hunger cells,but there are also some food scented candles which excite your love for romance likeChocolate, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Strawberry,Warm sugar,

  • There are floral scent candles also to evoke the memories of a great vacation or even to remember a long-lost memory which he/she can relate with the floral scent. Scents like that could be:
    • Pineapple
    • Amber
    • Coconut
    • Sandalwood etc.
  • Perfume scented candles are also sometimes used to give a good memory of the person with whom you may have met years back and had this perfume on him/her.Well, this should be used really consciously as it can evoke the memory of the person in your loved one's brain which he or she may hate.Now some of these scents could include:
    • Cool water
    • Chanel 5
    • Light blue by dolce Gabanna
    • Lomani etc.

All in all, to create a romantic environment in and around your bedroom, placement of scent color and situation should be kept in mind.Also, the perfect mindset of the person for whom you are doing the things should be kept in mind as it can also backfire anytime. Check out the products click here.


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