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We Indians are very peculiar about luck, say good luck-bad luck and most of us believe in getting damned or jinxed. Vastu Shastra is a word derived from Sanskrit language where Vastu means an art of house construction. In English, Vastu means "house" or dwelling place and its principles establish to create a harmony between the fine elements mentioned earlier which are Earth, Sky, Fire, Water and Air in the environment. Vastu Shastra enhances prosperity in the fields of health, wealth and happiness. It secures good things for a longer time.


Elements of Vastu

Vastu combines the five elements of nature and cosmos, ultimately balancing with man and material. These five elements also known as Panchbhootas pave a way for prosperity, enlightenments and happiness. Let us now know about these five elements in brief:

  • Air- Air is one of the most important elements in Vastu which is considered before applying it. Air consists of gases like nitrogen, helium etc which determine its directions. A certain list of instructions is followed when building a new house about doors, windows and proper air ventilation.


  • Water- We all know that water is a basic component to life. In Vastu too, water is considered to be extremely important. It provides proper directions for the placement of water resources that is water vessels. Artificial water tanks like aquarium etc should be kept in a proper direction to avoid any energy destruction.


  • Fire- Here fire does not man just the heat but light too. Light is the essence of life, and sun is the natural light giver. Gas and other heat related appliances should be kept with much diligence because Prevention is better than Cure. Sun being the natural source of light should shine upon in rooms with proper ventilation.



  • Earth- Earth is the first and foremost element of nature which exerts maximum energy. Land, water, air and everything else is available on Earth which makes it a key element. Earth is why there is life and hence Earth according to Vastu influences human life and human beings.
  • Space- Space is a much broader concept than Earth since it has a wider reach. But according to Vastu, Space means Sky and sky is never ending and timeless. Space is universe, brahmaand; and so your house should be under an open place, because any disturbance related to space in house would lead to detrimental results.


Following instructions is important and committing to them is necessary. House being a serious subject should be taken care of with the help of Vastu Shastra and the power of its elements for the sake of health, wealth, happiness and prosperity.

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