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Every human being who is in love is willing to have some free time with his or her partner. It is a very natural & essential way to unwind oneself.  This way not only a quality time is spent with the partner but a sense of togetherness is also formed. Well dinner is considered to be the best time to have a close & private conversation with your partner, plus to have a break from the monotonous daily work. With the passage of time, the concept of having a Candle Night Dinners is catching up. In order to accomplish this dream or to impress your partner one does order lot of Scented Candles. This is where the biggest mistake occurs. No one is interested to feel dizzy just to have a delicious dinner on the table embellished with Decorative Candles. These innocent doses of toxics, leads you to develop Respiratory Diseases. This is a big no- no for such a lovely night.

There are ways by which one can not only enjoy the dinner, plus also feel the magic of Organic Candles.

Preparation of Candles with Organic Ingredients:

One does not have to run from pillar to post just to get perfect ingredients. The Candle Ideas are not at all difficult to execute. One can make the Candle of-

  • Soya Wax, it is an extract of Soybeans. Good point of this is that it burns for a long time & is very easy to clean up as well. Since, it is made of natural materials, so the fumes coming out of it will not be a matter of concern anymore.
  • Beeswax is also a natural element, it also has purifying qualities. All the essential oils will work well with this element, but a very important thing should be kept in mind: it has a very pure scent of its own.


  • Another very fine way of making a good candle is that by melting the half used candles & merging them with the natural ingredients. This way the binding process will work efficiently. A very fine quality of Candle Designs also gets highlighted.
  • A very good ingredient known as Citronella Fragrance is also a very effective mosquito repellent. The addition of a Lemon fragrance also doubles the effectiveness & creates a magical moment for you to have a great cozy time with your partner.
  • One can add many types of fragrances, but Pure Natural Fragrance is always good because they don’t create any allergic problems to the consumers.

Fragrance to be in Sync with the Environment

A very important part of the candle is the quality of the fragrance to be used in it. Most of the people don’t cater to this aspect. This becomes a very discouraging especially after the effort you put in the manufacturing of Creative Candles. Vybar is a very good element that totally fulfills the concept of having an apt Fragrance for the candle.  Vybar should be added to the candle wax in a measurement of ¼ to ½ tsp for every 160z of wax. One should be very careful in the proportion, as a large portion of Vybar will result in the trapping of the scent in one place. The adverse result of this is that, fragrance will not evaporate properly when the candle is lit.



So in order to have the fullest utilization of the efforts you have put in, the procedure has to be followed correctly. Believe it or not there is nothing better than enjoying delicious dinner from the light being emitted from the Decorated Candles made by you. One definitely will be assured of the fact that these Candle Ideas are bound to bring that necessary change in your life.


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