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Air Fresheners for a healthy home

  • Room Fresheners: Using air fresheners in rooms is the easiest way to get rid of bad or sour smell that persists. Apart from giving a good fragrance to the room, the room fresheners also help in relaxing your senses and rejuvenating mind and body. Some room fresheners may cause headaches or allergies due to the chemicals present in them. Thus, it is important to look into the contents of the product before purchasing it. It is always preferable to buy room fresheners made up of natural ingredients.


  • Incense: Incense sticks used in pooja rooms are also a way through which the odour of the house can be kept in order. Incense sticks are available in many brands, but not all brands can be used at homes for easy breathing. Some incense has strong smell which does not suit many people and irritates your nose. This can be very disturbing and irritating. Incense sticks diffuse a smell that gives a heavenly appeal as the swirls of divine aroma waft.

  • Diffusers: Diffusers can be categorized into electric diffusers and also as diffuser oils. Diffuser oils that are chemical free, handcrafted and biodegradable are always recommended. These oils help in spreading a rejuvenating aroma. Electric diffusers are like lamps in which water and aroma oils are mixed and blended. As the diffuser starts to heat, the smell starts to proliferate.


  • Bathroom Fresheners: Bathrooms are places where the stinking and smelling is usually at a high level. Continuous use of bathroom leads to making it more stinky and bad-smelling. To keep your bathroom clean and disinfected, used bathroom sprays which will act as both a freshener and disinfectant.

Why you must Use Fresheners:

  • Air fresheners help in maintaining a uniform smell through the house.
  • They help in absorbing the smell that comes from outside or from any other source and suppress the
  • Air fresheners are a source through which the mood of the house always stays clam and serene.
  • It is especially useful when you have kids because it helps in soothing their minds too and creates a good and healthy atmosphere at home.


Fresh air is always good for health. Using air fresheners is good, but not all the time. It is always recommendable to open the windows at home so that there is proper ventilation at home. However, when the weather outside doesn’t permit you to open the windows and enjoy fresh air, air fresheners come of great use!

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