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Cockroaches are a major problem in largely populated cities and places which are warm and humid. Cockroaches tend to thrive in dark, warm and moist places. They are nocturnal animals who will only come out of their hiding places if they’re sick or are in immediate danger. These pests are extremely harmful for your health; you need to get rid of them before they create a mayhem.

  • Check those crevices!

Cockroaches tend to hide in dark, warm and humid places. They are nocturnal creatures. They hide behind the refrigerator, under the sink, in the crack of the wall. You need to cover up these cracks, clean the area behind the fridge, under the sink and inside the kitchen cabinets. Cockroaches are known to survive without food and water for three months, you need to opt for a permanent solution so that once out of your home they do not return. Use an anti-cockroach medicine

  • Clean the clutter!

Cockroaches feed off leftovers, crumbs and or anything moist. You need to clean your kitchen counter, dining area and the sink for food remnants. These pests come out after lights out and feed on these items in your home and thrive. While they’re roaming around your homes, they leave behind a trail of filth and germs from their body. They are known vectors of bacteria and salmonella and can cause food poisoning and typhoid. Keep your home clean, all the time.

  • Allergy causers

Cockroaches are known to have caused allergies in people. They carry allergens on their body and when they crawl on personal belongings, they leave the allergens which in turn affect the health. Some species of cockroaches are even known to cause rashes on your skin. They ooze out bodily fluids which cause the rashes. Tiny cockroaches even get into your ears or nose when you’re in deep sleep; some even bite. All the more reason to get rid of them. They are a health hazard.

  • Check and recheck

Check the grocery products you bring home. Make sure you don’t stock old newspapers and magazines for a long time, they tend to attract cockroaches. Also keep your clothes safe by using naphthalene balls or similar medicines because cockroaches make tiny holes in them.

If your pest problem is extreme, have your house pest controlled at the earliest. But if the situation hasn’t spiralled out of control yet then you should go for organic products instead of infesting your home with harsh and harmful chemicals.

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