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Their bodies are generally smaller and sleeker than that of the Norway rats with quite a smooth fur. They reside inside and under buildings or in huge piles of garbage or woods. They are excellent climbers so they can often be found in the upper parts of a structure. They generally prefer to live in high places but they can also nest on the ground if need arises. In food, they have a preference for nuts and fruits. But, they are actually omnivorous so they can feed on anything available to them. They can also eat tree bark, meat and grains. They also stash supplies of food such as nuts, fruits, grains and seeds.

One of the main problems with roof rats is that they can be a carrier of many diseases. These diseases can be transmitted via physical contact, bites, contamination or through the fleas that feed on these rodents. Researches show that such infected fleas have transmitted seriously dangerous diseases to humans. Such rats when contaminate food or the surfaces where food is prepared transmit food poisoning. They can also transmit rat fever using the bacteria present in their mouths. So, it is necessary to get rid of them and to protect your house from these organisms.

Given below are few simple steps to keep roof rats off your property and out of your home.

  • Get rid of them by getting rid of their food supplies by harvesting all kinds of fruits. Try to pick all the fruits (ripe or not) and all nuts and also any fallen fruits. Do this everyday. Also, donate all the excess fruits you have that you know that your family will not be able to finish off. This will deprive them of their favourite food supplies and may force them to leave your property.

  • Try to avoid unknowingly feeding roof rats. As roof rats are omnivorous, they can survive on anything. So, try not to leave any food out especially pet food and surely overnight. Try to store all food in sealed containers so as to protect it from rats. Also, do not leave the garbage containers uncovered. Cover them all up.
  • Try to strategically place snap rat traps and bait stations. To protect or to eliminate rats from your property, set snap traps wherever possible like in the laundry rooms, bed rooms, dining room and kitchen. Also, give them some bait so as to make them enter the traps set up by you.
  • Suggestions are to consider xeriscaping your yard to protect them from roof rats. It does not always have to be cactuses and gravel. There are many other better and beautiful options too.

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