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A home is susceptible to all kinds of pests including cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes etc. Out of this cockroaches and ants are the most difficult to get rid of. This is because they get a lot of stuff to feed on in an average home and this is the reason that they prosper. At the same time cockroaches and ants reproduce quite fast and their population in your home will go on increasing if you don’t take steps to get rid of them. If you have cockroaches in your home there is the hazard of ailments like food poisoning because the pests will contaminate your food and drink. Not to mention the fact that cockroaches crawling around in your home can be quite putting off experience.

Of course there are number of products available in the market which can kill cockroaches and ants. Some are in the form of sprays, while others are solid in the form of chalks. However, both these products are made from toxic chemicals which cause as much harm to humans as they do to the pests. At the same time, when you spray a cockroach destroying spray, in a closed space you need to ensure that all the fumes go out before you can inhabit the room again.

On the other hand if you use chalks in the house, then there is a hazard of small children and pets ingesting them. On ingestion these products can be life threatening and will make the individual or animal seriously ill even if it does not kill. This is the reason that most people nowadays are turning towards natural and herbal products to act as cockroach and ant repellants

The anti cockroach products are made from completely natural ingredients. This makes them safe for children and pets. The best part is that these products are quite easy to use as you simply need to spray the liquid in the spaces which are infested by cockroaches and ants. The effect of these sprays lasts a long time and this eliminates the need to repeat the spraying process.

Hence we can say that this product is cost effective also. There is no danger of any harmful effects even if you inhale the spray while applying it. This is the reason that these herbal and natural anti pest products are becoming quite popular.

Among the other pests in the common household, there are rodents and lizards. Both these pests pose a health hazards and rodents also cause untold damage to your property and belongings. Similar to the common products available for repelling cockroaches and ants, the products meant to get rid of lizards and rodents are also highly toxic and can pose a danger to the life of the people in the vicinity.

On the other hand it is quite easy to find herbal and natural products for getting rid of rodents and lizards as well. These products are available in the stores that sell herbal products of different kinds. At the same time they are also available in some online stores that specialize in selling herbal and natural home living products. If you wish to study one such online store you can click here.


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