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Babies are the best gifts of God and they are very much sensitive, that they easily get bitten by many insects more frequently than adults. Children are easy prey for the insects especially for mosquitoes as children always play outdoors. We can't avoid mosquito bite because mosquitoes are everywhere. But we can take some herbal treatments so that our children are less permeable for mosquitoes’ attack.

Treating mosquito bites on babies

  • Eliminate swelling

It happens often that we see mosquitoes biting our child, that time we should gently sweep the mosquito over and gently compress the area to minimize the swelling.

  • Eradicate itching

Eradicate itching after the mosquito bites your child. If the area is itching then we can use organic creams to reduce itching. It will help in curing fast.

  • Avoid scratching

You should tell our children to not to scratch the area of mosquito bite, as scratching leads to infection. Seek doctors if your child is more affected then we should hurry up to the doctor and get all the test done so that the infection should not get worsen.

Natural remedies- a true helper

  • Vinegar

 As it is acidic in nature, we can use it as an antiseptic. We should apply organic vinegar to the bite and take hot water bath. It will help in reducing itching.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a good remedy to the mosquito bite. You can directly rub it on the affected area. It will give a soothing effect and heals it fast.

  • Water and baking soda

 A thick paste of water and baking soda is helpful in itching and irritation.

  • Toothpaste

We can also apply toothpaste as the mint flavor which gives soothing feeling helps in curing the bitten area.

  • Raw honey and lime

The anti-microbial quality of raw honey and sour taste of lime helps in preventing infection.

Some simple steps for our babies so that they should not be easily get affected.

  • Dressing up well.

If we dress up full while going out we can avoid mosquito bite.

  • Organic creams

Many creams are available in market to avoid mosquito bite but you should go for organic creams and enjoy the evenings out.

  • Netting

While sleeping if we opt for mosquito net then this will be the best thing we can do to avoid mosquito bite.

  • Clean up your surrounding

We can clean our neighboring area where unwanted water is store so that mosquito cannot take birth and you will not have the problem for mosquito’s bite.

Click here for easy and use full steps to make our child unavailable for mosquitoes.


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