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You love your pet, but just like every close relationship, there are times when you both want to rip out each other’s hair. Be it an extreme case of shoe-nibbling naughtiness, or the little pools of urine your new puppy leaves all over your house, fret not- there is a way to ease the friction and tension of housebreaking your pup. Even if you adopt a full grown dog, there are ways to smooth over the process.

  • Puddle Mania

Don’t do anything negative in relation to your puppy urinating in your house- patience is paramount. Take her out first thing in the morning, to let her clear her bladder. Place a newspaper over the urine when she urinates in a particular place in your house, and then place it in one designated place. The scent of the urine will lead her to pee in that one place, over a period of time.

  • Oh Crap!

Similar to urination, taking the puppy out first thing in the morning will get her used to clearing in the morning. Keep a very set schedule for feeding and walks.  5-30 minutes after a meal, she will want to defecate, so get her used to going out at this time. Avoid saying things like “Go Potty”; in fact, leave conversation out of it. Remember, positive reinforcement goes a long way, so treat her when she does things right.Floor sanitizers and room fresheners can help you get rid of the soiling and smell.

  • Grown Ups

While housebreaking adult dogs, like puppies, keep their schedule tight. If you catch them in the act, don’t scare them, just startle them by clapping, and take them out immediately. Rewarding good behavior works like a charm. This process is bound to be slow, so keep your cool- it is a huge change for the dog.

  • Get Set Stay!

Teach the dog to sit the conventional way-using a treat, and giving it to the dog when it sits. Say “Sit”, and give a little push on its buttocks. Once this is mastered, hold the treat in the palm of your hand, and say “Stay”. When the dog stays seated, give it the treat. Move further behind each time, increasing the distance between you both. TV shows and dedicated sites, or trainers can help you with more complex tricks.

Give your pet lots of time and love- it is your baby. Keep it clean with pet soaps and its living space clean with kennel cleaners.


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