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A sweet smelling house is something that is loved and desired by every individual. Keeping your house clean and air pleasant gives both you and your guests a peaceful stay and a serene environment. Essential oils can be used to diffuse the aroma all around your place. Choose the right diffusing essential oils for your home and maintain a pleasant fragrance in your home at all time. There are different kinds of diffuser oils and can vary according to various factors like the time of day or seasons.

Why use diffuser oils?

What do you think is better when you come home after a long and tedious day at work- a dingy smelling apartment or a gratifying one? Well, the answer is pretty obvious and it is very easy to keep your home/room sweet-scented. The best way to have your home at the aroma is to use the method of diffusion. Aroma diffusion diffuses essential oils into the air molecules and exhibits various advantages mainly:

  • A perfectly serene environment with good fragrance
  • It helps with insomnia
  • It elevates the mood and helps you fight stress.
  • Air borne germs are killed
  • It enhances your concentration level.
  • By breathing in the pure organic oils, you actually improve your body’s immunity system.

Do not confuse diffusers with humidifiers. Humidifiers end up increasing the moisture content inside your home and therefore, may lead to numerous health side effects.

Choosing the right diffuser:

There are many options when it comes to choosing diffuser oil for your home atmosphere and depending on what you choose, chances of more effective aroma diffusion increases. Check your perfect essential oil by keeping in mind the following few things which will help you withstand the confusion while shopping.

  • The purpose and place of diffusion: Knowing the purpose will help you make the right decision. Go for zero noise level diffuser oil at times of sleeping/relaxing but an automatic shutoff featured diffuser for your child’s room.
  • Budget: Not everyone has the same budget and hence it is necessary that you compare your budget beforehand. Often check the best offer price from various sellers.
  • Size and shape: Size and shape do matter. A compact diffuser oil can be very handy and can be utilized anywhere you want. Shape and design add to your home décor. You can use the latest stylish and trendy ones to make your house look beautiful and luxurious.
  • Water capacity and longevity: Prefer using diffuser oil that can hold more water because longevity of your diffuser oil is directly proportional to the amount of water. You might want to use diffusers that can run for longer hours and so longevity has to be noted.

  • Space coverage: Make sure to check the amount of area it will cover before buying. There are diffusers that cover up to 500 square feet. If you have a small room, one with lower space capacity shall suffice.
  • Warranty: It is best that you select your diffuser oil with a guarantee. There should be money return policy in case the product does not satisfy you.

The selection of the right diffusing essential oils will vary according to your need. Try keeping a pleasing fragrance inside your homes, as it will feel very comfortable and cozy under such conditions. Please click here to browse through the exclusive products that JBN has in store for you.


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