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Wind chime is a very popular item, not just used for home decor, but it also attracts peace, prosperity and happiness to the house. The right type of wind chime must be fixed in the house, and its sweet music must be enjoyed.

Wind chimes are a very popular item for outdoor decoration. It is a type of musical instrument played by the wind. The sweet music of the wind chimes floating on the breeze is sometimes all you need to get mind relaxed. The sound produced by the wind chime depends on its material and the length of the tube.

Benefits of wind chimes

The sweet music of the wind chimes relaxes your mind and attracts peace, prosperity and happiness to the house and over all your entire family. Your choice of the right wind chimes is vital and must be made according to the house.

  • Home decor

Wind chimes are the soberest and most beautiful item for the home decor. They boost the beauty of the house and the surroundings.

  • Peace and prosperity

The sweet music of the hanging rods through the movement of the wind attracts peace and prosperity into the house. The music provides peace and serenity to your mind as well.

  • Positivity

Wind chimes are one of the primarysources of the positivity in your life. Its sweet music automatically pulls the vibes of the positivity towards the house.

  • Luck and happiness

The wind chimes are well known by their power to raise your luck and the joy.

Where to fix wind chimes

  • Large and small wind chimes

The large wind chimes, having high pitches must be hanged in open and large spaces, while the smaller ones should be hanged on the entry of house or any inside room.

  • Ceramic and wooden wind chimes

Ceramic wind chimes are beautiful, whereas wooden ones are quite sober. Ceramic wind chimes must be hanged in the south west or north east direction, and wooden must be hanged in south-east or north direction.

  • Metal wind chimes

Metal wind chimes are well known for raising the luck. They can be of any colour and must be hanged in the north-west direction only.

The wind chimes must be selected according to the material, and the no. of rods entangled through it. It is important to remember that the tubes of the wind chimes must always be hollow. The selection is more based on the type of your house and the required benefit. Click here to browse through more varieties that JBN has in store for you.


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