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The best part of having your own place is customizing it with your favourite things be it furniture, curtains, or flooring. But you tend to ignore the aromatic soothness that a place needs and incense sticks fulfill this requirement. Incense sticks commonly known as joss sticks areburnednot only to pray and please the lord but also to freshen up and arouse that subtle fragrance in your room that tempts you to sleep or arise.  It creates a relaxing atmosphere and helps loosen up yourself. They make your room smell nice and your surrounding earthly.

Incense and India

Incense sticks known as agarbattiin India have a very long history with the Indian culture. It was created as a medical tool used to develop pleasing aromas. Priest and monks used these sticks made up of bamboo sticks and an adhesive paste adding the perfumes ingredients, creating a godly affair in the atmosphere and surrounding. This strong, charismatic fragrance attracted a lot of cultural fests and increased its usage. The early use of incense sticks was limited to thetemple, but the present era has broken the stereotype and accepted the use of incense sticks in common rooms too because who doesn’t want to be close to God!

Benefits of burning incense

People seldom believe that the function of incense sticks is limited to spreading fragrance or pleasing the lord (the lord wants more!), but we’re unaware of its medicinal and psychological benefits.

  • Increases concentration – Incense sticks have said to increase focus and concentration so next time before the most challenging exam, don’t forget to light incense and your mind too!
  • Enhances motivation - Incense has long been used by religious and spiritual leaders to purify the air and the soul resulting in an increased motivation and energy level.
  • Prevents from infections –The smoky coil that comes out from burning incense contains medicinal values which help prevent from germs, infections and diseases.
  • Reduces anxiety - Incense aromas work to slow down the heart rate and soothe nerves. These calming effects contribute to relieving built up tension in the muscles, enabling incense also to be used as a muscle relaxer and anxiety reducer.
  • Boosts confidence – When you’re body is relaxed, you’re at your best, and when you’re at your best, you’re the most confident. Guess what the credit goes to? (Hint: INCENSE STICKS!!!!!)
  • Aids sleeplessness –Insomnia is a common problem of youth these days due to increasing depression rates but incense fights sleeplessness too. (Wohoooo!)

When can you use incense sticks?

Honestly saying, there is no specific time to use incense sticks. Though most people use it during religious activities, some people have broken the traditions and given way to the varied uses of it. Got bad smell in the room? Light an incense stick. Feeling dull? Freshen up the room! Guests coming over? Welcome them with the aromatic smell.

Incense sticks fight infections, keep away from disease and make sure that the house always smells wonderful. With great medicinal values, it is one of the best natural room fresheners. So burn a stick or two.

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