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The most common pets found in homes comprises of dogs and cats though some families may also keep rabbits, fish, guinea pigs, hamsters and small birds as their pets. But is it enough to get a pet? Bringing a pet into your life is not just a temporary transition, but a lifelong commitment with the pet becoming part of your family and depending on you and your family members.

All about Pets

Pets can be of three types:

  • Companion pets who will provide you companionship like dogs or horses.
  • Working pets which are brought home for rendering special services like herding ship or being a guide to a blind person.
  • Show pets who are brought and groomed for some very specific purpose like a dog show.

Before you take the decision to include a pet in your family, there are some factors that you need to take into account.

  • What is Your Budget?

The most important aspect of bringing a pet is your budget. Keeping a pet can get expensive, and you need to plan and set a budget and choose your pet accordingly. Expenses for bringing a pet home would include a living space for the pet; a dog would need a kennel, fish would have to be kept in an aquarium, a cage would have to be brought if your pet is a bird or reptiles would need a heat tank. Besides, you would need toys for your pet and also water and food bowls. The food would incur you extra expenses especially for some pets who need specific diet.  

  • How Big is Your House?

The size of your residence is very crucial for a pet. if you live in a small apartment, bringing a dog would be a not-so-good idea. Small breeds of dogs such as parson Russell terrier, which are very active, need a lot of space. For a small living area, a large lazy dog, like a greyhound would be more appropriate. But if you are thinking of a dog, a backyard attached to a big house would be convenient. For a small living area, cats or fish would be conducive.

  • How to Take Care of the Pet?

If you have long working hours, are a frequent traveler or have young children who need you all the time, then bring a pet which might not need your attention constantly like aquarium-based pet – the fish. You might also plan and consider pet sitters or divide the chores among the various members of your family, including your children so that they also share the responsibility of taking care of the pet like taking out the dog, mopping the floor to clean the litter of the cat or feeding the fish.

  • What Kind of Pet Would Be Appropriate?

People have a wide variety of options available for selecting pets – the most common being dogs and also cats. Other options include fish, rabbits and even snakes.

Choosing an appropriate pet depends on many factors. If you would love a dog at your home, get a golden retriever or a Labrador retriever who would prove to be your faithful companions. If you are busy and don’t have enough time to devote to a pet, go for fish, sea monkeys, crabs or snails. Looking for cats? Pick your choice from some friendly cats such as Birman, American shorthairs or Burmese breeds.

So assess your lifestyle, your living space and your budget before you finalize what pet will suit you best. Click here to know more about ways of looking after your pet.


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