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Lizards are the unwanted guests that live in your house uninvitingly. They crawl over the walls any and every time. People generally use pesticides to chase them away but the pesticides have hazardous chemicals which are not good for health. You should switch to some organic products and natural methods to get better results without any harmful effects.

Don’t give them an open invitation

  • Keep your house clean

Lizards live in the place where they get food easily. If your house is not clean it will surely invite these creepy pests. Clean your house daily that will chase away other insects like house flies, mosquitoes and such keep the lizards away from your house.

  • Maintain some gap between furniture and wall.

Try to keep some distance between the furniture and walls as these places are a hide out for such pests.

Natural products can help you better

  • Garlic and onion

Lizards can’t handle the pungent smell. Garlic and onion both have a strong pungent smell that makes the lizards leave immediately. Hang garlic or onion near doors, windows and their hiding place to make them uncomfortable.

  • Pepper and chilli power

Make a mix of chilli powder and pepper with water and spray it to the lizard. It will surely help you get rid of those ugly pests as it acts as a natural pest repellent.

  • Cold water

As lizards are very sensitive to temperature, this is one of the good methods to drive them away from your home. Directly put cold water on lizards, this will make them uncomfortable and they will try to escape from the place as faster as they can.

  • Beautiful feathers can help

Hang some bird feathers on the wall. This will confuse the lizards and they will try to leave the place as soon as possible. You can also make some beautiful wall hangings or wind charms using beautiful feathers. It will add an aesthetic appeal to your home.

  • Organic pest repellent

Use organic pest repellents to chase the mosquitoes, home flies and such insects.

  • Egg Shell – a protector

It is one of the most common and anciently used methods that you must have heard of by your grandma or mother. Lizards are repelled by the smell of egg. Keep the shell near the door or window to chase them away.

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