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Maybe this was too much, but air fresheners do have some sort of magic in them which can instantly turn your mood into 10 from 0. A fragrance is said to be the best mood changer, and air fresheners have it, all of it.

Air fresheners contain perfume oils and synthetic fragrance. These products are mixed together to give you the perfect blend of subtle body and mind. Sweet, heavy, mild and strong fragrances are further added according to the product demand. However, the gel matrix that contains the fragrance can be organic or inorganic. The integrity of the product that is air fresheners is reserved as a product mark for future consumption.

‘Where’ fresheners?

If you think air fresheners are made to fill your only living rooms and bedrooms with sweet flowery smells, you’re wrong. These magical odor containers are meant for your washrooms too because let us agree, that’s where the unpleasant smell gets settled. An extraordinary range of air fresheners, also known as bathroom fresheners is made to give the best to your restrooms. And the ones that are specially made to sprinkle some sweet smell in your bedrooms come in different moods and flavors to help you choose your favorite.

Advantages of keeping an air freshener

  • Kills unpleasant smell – Air fresheners perform the essential function of eliminating and destroying unpleasant smell that ruins our mood on the most pleasant days.
  • Natural – Air fresheners are equipped with the most natural oils whose smell may seem very strong at first but are light and mild.
  • Hygienic – Airfresheners avoid all the unwanted odors and are the most hygienic to use.
  • Easy to use – Air fresheners come in as spray bottles or blow – up applicators which are to be placed at a particular corner of the room and hence are easy to use.
  • Affordable – Spending such a little amount on the worth of your pleasant mood is amazing, right?
  • Convenient – Air fresheners come in small easy to use containers without the stress of filling and refilling.
  • Keeps away from germs – Germs in the air that may cause breathing problems vanish in the presence of air fresheners. Thus, air fresheners are a great help in ‘baby environment’.
  • Prevents infection and diseases -Air fresheners contain achemical liquid that shoos away germs and prevents infection and diseases. It also saves from various dust allergies creating a safe and soothing home environment.


Air fresheners add to a pleasant environment and hence should be a must use product in each household. Click here to browse through more varieties that JBN has in stock for you.


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