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Adopting a pet means taking on a massive responsibility. Just like little children, pets need their time in the open air. All of their pent up energy needs a vent, and in the absence of this they might resort to things like chewing up your shoes and vandalizing your furniture. In the monsoon (don’t let them slack off!), when they trail in mud on their paws, remember to use organic floor sanitizers, which are safer for your dog (remember, they sit on, sleep on, and often lick the floors). In this season, room fresheners  are ideal to repel the damp smell they might bring in. Organic pet soaps  are a safer option, since they need to bathe more often this time of the year.

  • Good Old Fetch

This classic game of throwing a Frisbee, bone or ball (or any toy your dog likes) over a distance and making your dog run to fetch it, is evergreen. They are motivated to run, which is great for their health. This one can never go out of style, but remember to keep it fresh by changing the toy every couple months or so.

  • Into the deep end

Swimming isn’t just for us two-leggers anymore; an increasing number of pet centers are coming up with pools for pets. There are trainers who make sure your little buddy is getting along well in the water. Besides being great cardio, this can be therapeutic for the dog, and an amazing change of scene.

  • Laser Pointer

Use a common laser pointer; flash it across the rooms in your house, and watch as your doggy runs helter skelter chasing it! Be careful not to flash it directly in his/her eyes, though, as this can cause serious damage. This is perfect for a rainy day or one when you are feeling particularly lazy.

  • A Kong for your Little King (or Queen)

Kongs are hollow rubber toys in which you can place a little treat. Once the food is put in, it won’t fall out unless tilted at a particular angle. The toy bounces around with the food inside, and your dog has extra incentive to chase it! Indoors or outdoors, this exercise is equal parts strenuous and rewarding.

  • Treasure Hunt!

Hide your dog’s favorite treat all over the house-under mattresses, behind furniture, in shoe racks and so on. It will be exhausted by the time it finds all of them, but super-satisfied.

Do everything you can to keep your pet happy, because at the end of the day, you are all they have. Feed them well, make sure they always have fresh water, keep their kennel clean, and give them all your love-you will get it back with interest!


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