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Though most people around the world hate roaches because it is downright creepy and gross, cockroaches are insects which are detrimental to human race, so next time when people ask you about your phobia to roaches! Tell them that it is natural to feel so! And they are one of the primary conveyers to harmful microorganisms. They contain the harmful microorganisms in their saliva and spread them over anything they come in contact with.

How to kill the roaches and preventing them from coming back naturally?

Banishing roaches naturally, can be time consuming but well it is worth the effort. Generally, getting rid of roaches naturally can be a very slow process as compared to using powerful insecticides, in which you can see the results right away. But you will be putting your family in expose of toxic chemical substance. Getting rid of these insects naturally can not only help you overcome that risk, but can also you in preventing them from coming back.

  1. Clean, clean and clean

As the popular saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. You got to keep your place really clean. Cockroaches are found in large numbers in places which are not clean and has waste and left overs all over the place..So always try and keep your surroundings neat and clean all the time with a good cleaner.

  1. Seal the cracks and holes

This means you will have to cover your pantry, the gaps between the baseboards and the walls. Cockroaches like many other insects, have the ability to crawl through the smallest of spaces. This is bound to take time, but it is surely worth the effort.

  1. Fix any water leaks

Cockroaches are attracted towards water and moisture in the leaks of the pipes. And that is why you can see a lot of cockroaches under your sink. Much like the humans, cockroaches cannot survive a day without water. So by repairing you water leakage, you are cutting of the lifeline to the cockroaches.

Do not let water clog in the sink our over water you plants.

  1. Make your own natural cockroach bait!

Yes, you can do it to! You can have the pleasure of tricking those annoying little insects and kill them for good. And how you do this is fairly simple. All you have to do is mix 3/4th of boric acid with 1/4th of powdered sugar. The sugar lures them into your trap, and the boric acid kills them. Sprinkle in around the places where cockroaches are often found, like underneath a sink or behind a refrigerator etc.

  It is nontoxic towards humans and pets, although it can cause irritation. So do be careful.


  1. Bring in the A team….

There is nothing wrong in getting some good old professional help. And they can cure your cockroach menace with natural methods, rather than using the powerful chemical insecticide and call it a day. If the level of your infestation is too much to handle, never hesitate to call in the experts.

So, now that we looked at various ways to keep the cockroaches out of your place in a natural way. It is important that you give it the necessary time to show its effect. It is slow, but surely if you keep following the above mentioned natural ways, it can help prevent cockroaches from entering your home again.


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