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Rats may seem harmless to people but can be disastrous for the household when infested in a particular area. It is very difficult to confirm its presence if they are minimal in number as they prefer to hide and not venture out alone. These pests can be difficult to deal with when they scurry out of their hiding places. These rats will cause transmission of various diseases due to their eating habits and various other factors thereby spreading it around the house infecting each and every member. To prevent these illnesses from reaching your beloved ones, you can use an organic rat repellent to kill all these pests at the same time keeping your family safe and unharmed by the product. 

Selecting the right Product

The first and the most important step towards damage control is to choose the most appropriate organic rat-repellent in order to make sure that while using the product none of the family members are affected by any sort of allergic reaction. Mice are not very fond of mint. You can try splashing mint tea to areas affected.

Here are a few guidelines to help you select the best organic rat-repellent:

  • Efficiency

Make sure the product you select is 100% efficient, thereby provides you with the best results. Go for the ones which would give you immediate and permanent results in order to eradicate rats easily without worrying about them returning.

  • Cost-effective

The product should not be too expensive because based on the seriousness of the infestations you may need more than one batch of the product to give you its 100% results. The first batch may give you results but that depends upon the population of pests breeding in your house.

  • Avoid chemical sprays/product

Since the usage of the product is dependent on the rat population, you may want to avoid harmful chemical-based product which can cause allergic reactions sometimes carcinogenic. Go for 100% organic or natural products which will ensure that you and your family will be safe using it to kill the pests. You can use natural oils like pepperint oil to repel rats as they are known to hate its smell.

How to kill the rats?

It is important for the user to know how to handle the product; the product and the user are equally responsible for the product to show its effectiveness on the pests. If the product is organic then there is nothing to worry about if not handled properly. Just place the open container in the infected area and let the product do its magic. You will get your results eventually. For traps, try using peanut butter as the bait. Since they are sticky, it will make it harder for them to escape.

Organic compounds should be used in order to ensure that your family is safe from the harmful effects of certain chemical-based rat repellents. This will be your first step towards healthy non-infected eco-friendly life, make sure your taking the right decision because your family is at stake too.

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