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Bleach is a part and parcel of our lives. It whitens our clothes and keeps them shining for a long, long time, but this is not how the story ends. When the detergent just cleanses a cloth or fabric, bleach takes out the colour out of it.Also, it gradually has a harsh effect on our clothes and also on our body. The most common of these effects are

  • Irritation to the eyes
  • Respiratory system irritation
  • Severe skin allergies
  • Problems to asthmatic patients

This is what bleach does to us and because it is a slow process we hardly realize the cause of it. Apart from these, there have been many cases in connection with bleaches and cleaners and some of them were dangerously life threatening.

Nature to the Rescue

It hurts a lot when our favourite laundry buddy turns out to be scarier than ever. Don’t lose hopes on that because we bring you natural and healthier substitutes that will not only whiten and brighten your clothes, but also keep you away from all the disasters that the bleach could’ve caused. Have a look at your detergent’s new best friends.

  • Lemons

Lemons are the oldest and the most basic bleaching agents of all times. All you have to do is soak your whites in warm lemon-water mixture for about an hour before washing them or you could squeeze them right over the stained cloth.

  • Baking Soda

Half a cup with your regular laundry detergent is just right to give life to your clothes. The amount is ideal for both, standard and high-efficiency detergents. Talking about detergents, if you are going to go organic, why not use organic detergents too?

  • White Vinegar

White vinegar is the perfect choice if you want clean, soft and fresh clothes. Add about half a cup of it with your detergent and it will brighten up all your fabrics or like lemons, you can also apply it directly to the stains. All your newborn's linens are going to stay intact.

  • Salts

Salts are proved useful to soak up dark stains, say of pickle or chutney.

  • Sunlight

Sunlight is a very good and powerful source of nascent oxygen, which is a very strong bleaching agent. So if you want to keep your whites as they are, then sundry them.

That is what you should do to save your clothes and your bodies, but of course, there are many more ways than just those. Feel free to look for yourself and explore. Do not forget to check out the best of organic laundry and cleaning products that Joy By Nature offers.


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