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Candles have been used extensively for various purposes. Candles are not only associated with lighting the world around us but their use is more pronounced. Over generations and centuries, people have been using candles for religious purposes. The reason behind it is that candles light our spirits. These enlighten us and guide us in the right direction. These light our path and keep us from being swayed towards the negative path.

There are different kinds of candles. There are the beeswax candles and also the paraffin candles. Beeswax candles are organic and cause no harm like the paraffin candles. They are organic in nature and have various benefits. Candles can be differentiated based on their colours and fragrances.

Choose candles according to the purpose of your meditation –

White and blue candles: White and blue are colours of peace. These candles bestow inner peace.

Purple and indigo: To gain spirituality.

Orange and blue candles: Used during meditation for healing.

Black: Black candles are burnt to remove the negativity and deal with confusion.

Yellow: To enlighten and also develop creativity.

Red: Red candles are burnt in order to increase passion and love in a relationship.

Pink: To develop the qualities of kindness and empathy.

Green: Green candles are burnt to increase wealth, prosperity and fertility.

Candles according to their scents

Aromatherapies with candles are very beneficial. Some of the flavours are discussed here along with their benefits-

  • Lavender candles - Lavender candles burnt at home to relieve the house of all negative energies. Lavender candles bestow peace and does away with the confusion and the chaos of home. Lavender candles burnt in home makes the home filled with positive energy. Lavender candles are also stress busters.
  • Citrus scents - Citrus smelling candles like that of lemons and oranges promote concentration, uplift the mood and promote cleanliness in the air.
  • Vanilla- These candles set the house to a happy mood to induce great memories.
  • Cinnamon- These candles relax the nerves, induce a calming effect, fight fatigue and exhaustion.
  • Rose- Rose candles are beneficial to women. These scents help in balancing the hormones in the body.
  • Lilac – Lilac helps in remembering the past and improves decision making.

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