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Is your once upon a time shiny and smooth floor becoming dull and rough? This article is just for you. Read on to know how you can bring back the glamour in your floors.

When you started building your home, you personally chose every tile or marble slab that was to be the floor of your future home, butnow after years of abuse by the chemical disinfectants it has lost its sheen. This is a sign to change the disinfectant you use to mop the floors of your home!

Go organic or go home!

Your floors are giving up on you and you have no other option. Here’s a solution for you: Go organic.

This past decade people all over the world have started to change their minds and have started opting for organic products to save the environment as well as aide their health. Believe it or not organic products are the best deal you’ll get for a reasonable price.

  • Time for a change

You can find various products online. Floor sanitizers which are organic are available at very affordable prices.

Other handy tips:

  • In addition to the floor sanitizers you can also switch to using disposable wipes instead of using the same one to mop every day. This will prevent germ formation and also not allow residual dirt on the mop to stick to the floor.
  • If your floor is marble, you should clean a spill immediately to avoid staining and damaging the floor from the acidity or basicity of the spill.

  • Another effective way to keep your floors new as day is to place doormats or rugs on it. It not only decorates your place but it also prevents dirt to accumulate between the fillings of the floor.

Believe it or not floors of your house can brighten up your home or give a gloomy appearance. Maintenance of the floor tiles or marbles is as important as tending to the other parts of your house. Taking care of each part of your home is your responsibility and you can do it in a way that helps the environment too.  Try organic products to personalise your space and keep it clean and hygienic.

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