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Mosquitoes today are creating a lot of problem especially in the cities. They spread vector borne diseases like dengue, malaria and others. If proper care is not taken, babies can easily get infected to these diseases. Here are some effective ways to keep your baby safe from mosquito bites and associated diseases.

Cover the baby with good amount of clothing

The clothes you put on to your baby should cover its hands, legs, chest and also head if necessary. Other than shirts and pants dressing your baby with socks, sweater and cap might be needed. You can find these outfits in any baby stores in your local area. Also mosquitoes linger less around light colors, so try to use light colored baby clothing.

Use mosquito nets and other protections in the indoors

Ensure your baby sleeps under a mosquito nets at nights. This is more than 99% effective in keeping the mosquitoes out of the radar. Also if you have potted plants in your house make sure they are clean and do not have stagnant water. The untouched places can be mosquito breeding sites, so make sure to clean them.  Moreover, to keep the furniture, mattress and cot clean sprinkle a few drops of citronella oil.

Do not take your baby to mosquito prone areas

Mosquito prone areas are nothing but filthy areas where there is stagnant water, garbage, and sewage. If you can't avoid moving through such places, dress your baby right and protect it.

Use mosquito repellent for instant kill of mosquitoes

It is true that mosquito repellents are made of different chemical formulations that can harm your baby, but controlled use of them is really effective when mosquitoes are high in number. Many use these repellents for one time to kill series of mosquitoes and then later use herbal mosquito repellents on lesser mosquitoes. Before you use any repellent consult your doctor and know if it's safe for the baby.

- Some of the cautions for using mosquito repellents

  • Avoid spraying or applying repellents on legs, hands, and face
  • Wash the baby's clothes and skin if repellent was applied on them
  • Always read the instructions on the carton of repellant to know if it is safe for babies and breastfeeding women.

Keep a check on pothole, drain, open stagnant water and other breeding sties

Check your community to find any mosquito breeding sites. If there is an open drainage, take necessary measures to close it. Also educate your society to keep surroundings clean to ensure good health for your baby and all others living around you. Click here to browse through more baby care products available in the JBN store.


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