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After a long day you come home to dirty floors, stale smell and unclean bathrooms; you obviously feel irritable and your plan of unwinding are replaced with an intense session of cleaning your house.

Fret not! Here are some tips to maintain a hygienic environment in your house.

  • Remove that smell from your toilets (and pee too!)

A lot of us have had experiences of walking into the washroom and being welcomed by a repulsive smell instead or some of us have to deal with pee on the toilet seat too (yes that happens) in desperate times like this you want a spray which will disinfect the toilet seat and at the same time make your bathroom smell like roses! Well such a disinfectant spray does exist and is easily available online.

  • Mop the dirt off the floors!

After you’re done moping the floors with the best detergent available in the market, you might have seen your floor is never completely clean. Its fragrance stays for just a little while and you can see flies getting attracted to it anyway. This has an easy solution. Turn to herbal disinfectants. They cost the same as the ones loaded with chemicals and provide better cleaning and retain their fragrance longer. You can also go for organic multipurpose cleaner. It not only cleans floors but disinfects other surfaces as well.

We all have that moment of panic when we’re about to host a party or entertain guests, that nagging feeling that they’ll criticise your food or how your apartment smells. Well a simple solution to keep your mind at ease and make your home smell lovely, use a floor freshener. They are handy and very convenient, also a variety of fragrances are available to choose from.

  • Clean clothes, healthy bodies

Too much chemicals in our surroundings have an ill effect on our health in the long run. We use detergents to clean our clothes, the very things that touch our body for the whole day. The exposure is too much. Switching to organic laundry detergent is a safer and better option.

  • Wipes, keep them handy

A spill here and there all around the house adds up and becomes a hassle to clean. Using the same cloth over and over again makes it the source of germs defeating the purpose of a cleaning cloth. Keep disposable wipes all over your house in case you need to immediately clean something. They are disposable so no worries about festering of germs and they also you are saved the trouble of washing it after every use.

Keeping your home clean is everyone’s highest priority. Keeping it healthy and hygienic with the help environmental friendly products is the smarter way to go.


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