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Lighting candles has its own charm and appeal. Though initially it was started as a means of necessity; as a source of light, however its role has evolved ever since.

Natural scented candles act as a triple threat in dates as they illuminate the darkness, bring a sparkle in the eyes and enrapt you in the aroma that weakens the knees. They have thus romanticized the idea of romance.

Why go for Natural Scented Candles?

When planning a perfect date for your partner or probable partner, there are several things that go into its preparation. The Natural Scented Candles primarily help you to achieve the ideal representation of your serene and sensuous love. They not only light up the dark but their natural oils and aromatic incense, are spell-bounding and make the moment seem divine.

Moreover the Paraffin wax candles have several drawbacks which can be encapsulated in the following:

  • As Paraffin wax is made up of petroleum it emits 11 known toxics on burning
  • Emit 100 times more soot than natural wax
  • Burn faster and thus are not economical in the real sense of the word
  • The wick also consists of toxic substances like lead, zinc etc.

On the other hand Natural Scented Candles  seem a popular choice for a perfect date as they:

  • Facilitate cleaner burning as have no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants
  • They last longer, however might vary brand to brand
  • Natural scented candles  like Soy candles are biodegradable and water soluble
  • Due to their natural composition devoid of pesticides or herbicides, they are less likely to trigger allergies
  • Produce less soot, thereby caring for the well being of the users

Selecting the right Natural Scented Candle

The selection of the Natural Scented Candle  largely depends upon:

  • Type of wax: Natural wax is used to make these candles. For Example: beeswax (wax made from bees), soy wax (made from oil extracted from natural soybean), rapeseed wax (oil extracted from rapeseed), palm wax (made from palm berries) and candelilla wax derived from the leaves of the shrub
  • Essential oils: Different oils are used based on the desired effect that you might want. For example: Lavender is used to ease the sleeping time, basil candles are used to subdue headaches, clove oil candles are used for nose congestions and also as aphrodisiac.

Natural Scented candles  henceforth are vital elements for a perfect date.

Though a bit more expensive than the conventional synthetic candles but then, all good things are right!

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