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The most popular pets are dogs and cats and both of them require regular and proper grooming. It is necessary to remember that when dogs and cats live in the wild open spaces there are many elements that result in their natural grooming. This is necessary for the physical health and emotional well being of the pet animal. For pets that live in modern homes these natural grooming resources are not available. This is the reason that their owners have to take special care to groom them.

Bathing and brushing your pet

It is necessary to bathe your pet once in every three months. Make sure that you don’t overdo this because it will dry out their natural skin oils and cause skin problems. Also make sure that you opt for natural pet grooming products which do not harm the pet in any way. Chemical based products are very harmful for them especially if they are ingested.

Regular brushing or combing will keep their hair free from dirt and will spread the skin oils evenly. This is also the time when you should check for ticks and fleas. If you notice your pet scratching excessively it is an indication that he or she has some kind of skin problem including ticks, fleas and mites.

Dental care for pets

Dental care for pets is as necessary as it is for humans and hence make sure to brush the pet’s teeth regularly as recommended by the vet. Also make sure that you give it plenty of chewable toys that will strengthen his or her gums and jaws. Also make sure that you give your pet a healthy diet as recommended by the vet to maintain good dental and general health.

Eye ear and nail care

It is necessary to look for signs of eye problems like tearing cloudiness or inflammation in which case you should take him or her to a veterinary expert. Regular grooming of your pet also includes regular ear checks and this is especially important for dogs that produce a lot of ear wax. Make sure that your pet’s nails are not clicking on the ground while walking. You should clip them regularly to avoid this although if you have an excessively frisky pet you may need help while doing this.

Use as many natural household products as possible

One of the things that most dog owners find difficult to get rid of is the dog smell. Of course if you bathe and groom your dog regularly this problem will be reduced but to deal with what remains you can opt for room fresheners, incense and scented candles. Make sure that you opt for natural products which are not harmful either for you or your pet. Another thing that you need to ensure is that you do not use household products like floor sanitizer, pest repellants etc. made from chemicals. This is because usually these chemical products can be harmful and down right poisonous.

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