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If you want to keep your home clean then you must prevent pests. But when you use the local pesticide, you will spray some harmful chemicals in your home. So it is suggested to follow some organic ways to prevent pests.

Here you will find some organic way to fight pests:

  • Boric powder: boric acid is very effective as organic pesticide. It is available in fine dust forms, and it can increase the human irritation. So when you apply the boric acid, you must be careful about the process. It can prevent ants, cockroaches, fleas and bed bugs. You must keep this boric acid away from your children and do not inhale it at any cost.
  • Vinegar: vinegar has wonderful natural acidic reaction and it can clean your place very well. You cannot find some pests which are hidden inside your furniture, and these pests are very small and you cannot see it with your blank eyes. But if you wash your kitchen place, cabinet and furniture with vinegar, then you can easily prevent pests completely.

  • Plants and oils: you can plant some organic trees like garlic, fruits tree and orange in your house, and they can work as barrier for pests. Apart from that, you can use some tea-tree essential oil and cedar oil to fight pests. Organic and natural ways like orange oil, lemon and lime juice can also very effective as pest control. You can mix these organic natural elements with water and mix some salt and spray it around your home. It will prevent your pests  and keep your home healthy.

How to apply the organic solution as pest control?

  • You must keep your home clean and tidy. Pests mainly get increased in darkened and dirty area in your home, and you should concentrate on the cleaning process. Try to use the vacuum cleaner in your home every day and wash your curtains also.
  • You can use the organic solutions in your home to prevent pests at anytime. These organic ways cannot affect your health and it can provide you with an aromatic ambiance for your relaxation.
  • Do not use any chemical products as pesticide because it is very harmful for your health. Along with that you must incorporate with proper ventilation system.
  • The exterior parts of your home like, garden and portico must be cleaned properly. You should try to spread some boric acid powder in these areas to prevent pests.
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